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Towards the end of last year I did one of my “Lifeslice” posts about the teaching profession. I wish I had read this month’s Shaggy award winner before I wrote it.

Just what is your definition of a hero when it comes to their career?

A fireman or a doctor because they save lives?

A lawyer because they save your hide when you’re in trouble?

A preacher because he saves your soul?

A successful businessman because he saves money for himself?

It will never cease to amaze me how we take the credit when our kids succeed in school yet we villify their teachers when things go wrong. And what’s more, someone who gets rich by selling something like peanut butter or life insurance ends up with a better standard of living than someone who is expected to deal with our little angels while we are out pursuing those comparatively pointless careers.

I’ve missed a month or two with these posts, so that’s about as much further ado as I can stand, so to avoid any more, I’d like to present the Thirteenth Shagadelic Contribution To Blogland Award to hermione over at “Moaning And Shit” for her post “Who’d Be A Teacher?”

Since she doesn’t appear to have indiviual sites for her various posts set up on her blog, I feel compelled to copy/paste the winning contribution here, but please by all means check out her site.

Who'd be a teacher?

I had one of the worst days of my teaching career today.

Each year a fair comes to town and the kind people of the fair close it to the public for a couple of hours and open the fair just for the 4 special schools in the town. As you can imagine, the kids get sooooooo excited (I work in a school for MLD/EBD kids Year 3-Year 11). We use the fair 'carrot' to encourage them to behave for the week leading up to the fair. Invariably, there are always going to be a few who don't make the grade and have to stay back at school on health and safety grounds. Twelve kids had to stay back this year, 6 of whom were from my form. Only 2 from my form were actually allowed to go. Three of the boys were fairly blase about not going (they're Year 10s and probably think the fair is 'gay' anyway)the other boy pretty much 'lost it' (I'll come to that in a moment). The two girls who weren't allowed to go were devastated. I'm very fond of one of the girls, she's just like a big boisterous puppy really, all bark and no bite. Sure, she can be very gobby but ultimately, she's easily tamed. She sobbed and sobbed. She was supposed to be meeting her mum and disabled brother there and had no way of telling her mum that she wasn't going to be there (the kids were only told 30 mins before we were due to leave). The other girl has very complex problems - disasterous homelife and a growing dependence on alcohol and drugs. She's very very vulnerable. She took this not being allowed to go incredibly personally - reinforcing the fact that her life is complete shit. So, I had them to deal with all morning. Then, the boy I mentioned before completely lost it and I ended up doing my first ever restraint which wasn't much fun I can assure you. Anyway, after a while we managed to calm him down and he and I went and kicked a ball around until he was ready to go in for lunch. So, there we were, he and I quietly sauntering back into school when we were approached by another Year 10 girl (not in my form) also with a terrible homelife. She was waving a couple of photos around. One of the photos was of her niece who had died a couple of weeks ago of cot death. Yes, she was going around school with a photo of a dead baby. The picture was really gruesome, I can't get it out of my head.

On the plus side, we had a fun run in the afternoon and I won the teachers fancy dress :-) What a day!

Bravo hermione and all in your profession, take a collective bow.

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Hermione2001ie asked me to thank you very much for making her the recipient of this month's Shaggy Award. She also asked me to say that things are still pretty horrendous at work with the school's closure imminent but she had a meeting with her 'new' boss for her role at the new school and things sound pretty positive. From September onwards, Hermione will be teaching Careers, Work Related Learning, Science, PSHE, Music, Swimming, Life Skills and I'm sure there's more. She's a bit nervous, but she's going to give it a lash (as they'd say in Wexford).

Many thanks again (on Hermione's behalf).


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