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NB : I tried all bloody day Monday to publish this - was anyone else having the same trouble?


BUSY : Even if it isn’t cool, I’d appreciate it if you wished me luck anyway – this is a big week for me in that not only do I have my divorce hearing, I will also be moving my grandmother to her new accommodation so hopefully it will all work out ok.

TUNES : Though I have seen the Kinks in concert, they were actually the support act and you’ll never guess who was the headline – ZZ Top! They were free tickets, by the way. Honest! Ray Davies and the boys have their greatest hits playing in my car this weather.

PONDER : If “beggars can’t be choosers” then why do lobby groups, which are practically begging organizations from the private sector, hold so much sway over the democratic process? Probably because nobody ever speaks for the biggest lobby group of all, the general public or when they try, they are often ridiculed.

NEXTBLOGGING : This week’s NextBlog excursion was quite interesting. For someone who has published lyrics myself, I appreciate blogs like this one, though they perhaps could do more to explain what’s going on when you first log on to the site. I liked the explanation further down of the phrase “memento mori”.

LYRICAL : “Your blouse, your skirt
I’ll undo them so gently
With beautiful care
I’m a lonely man
With five bottles of wine
I’d like you to share”

David Gray, “Debauchery”, taken from “A Century Ends”

HUFF : Despite an excellent first year, it was apparently touch and go whether Hank Azaria’s psychological series “Huff” would be renewed. Judging from season 2 so far, I’d definitely keep it going indefinitely – it’s right up there with Six Feet Under and the Sopranos for impressive cable drama.

LINK : This week’s link shout-out goes to Aine Livia who has judged via her Midnight Court that both of my blogs are worth referencing. Sorry if I seem a bit obsessed with court and judges this week!

HAUNTLESS : I’m not sure which was more annoying about going to watch “An American Haunting” – the fact that kids beside us thought they could act as though they were in their living room, or the fact that Bambi was scarier. We told them to shut up, but we shouldn’t have to.

UNLINK : I’m not sure what the etiquette is for this, but last week I noticed I had been removed from the link list of two award-winning Irish bloggers. I guess I should just come out and ask them why - I really didn’t think I did much here to cause offence.

GOOGLING : Latest phrases to lead people here include …

“willow park opera dowling”

“who starred in rescue me”

“grudge throat rattling”

“ms o'leary's cow song words”

“envelope rubber band joke”

“virgin mega store dundrum my space” *

I hope they all found what they were looking for.

Google phrases of the week courtesy of


fdelondras said…
Hope the court and grandmother move go well...fingers will be crossed
shandi said…
Good luck with court. Take it from someone who's been through it twice, the pre-court stress isn't worth the effort. The court usually decides in favor of both parties, granting an equitable divorce. Considering that you and your ex have already worked out visitation and division of property, everything should run smooth.

The situation with Gran may not be as smooth. With time, she'll come to accept it as necessary. Hope you're mother lays off the guilt trips.

You're about to enter a whole new chapter of your life.
Anna said…
Good luck for both moves... Peter Quaife used to live in the same community as I did; never heard him play guitar, though.
ainelivia said…
Just saw this, yes, I can see why you might be a bit obsessed with courts. I have considered changing that, it was meant to be a witty play on words, may have backfired a bit
Anonymous said…
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