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THANKS… : …to everyone who commented in response to the “My Own Personal D-Day” post last week. Though we all have various forms of baggage in our lives, I find it helps to vent on my blog from time to time, and this was no exception. The feedback was very helpful.

TUNES : You’ve heard of one hit wonders, well this week’s occupant of my car stereo is definitely a “one album wonder”. An excellent blend of eighties pop/rock tracks throughout (most notably “Mary”) it’s a shame The Four Of Us never properly capitalized on their “Songs For The Tempted” collection.

LINK : I had a good week for new linkers to my Irish blog, so a big shout-out must go to Plurabella, Ms Ann Thrope and Arrogant Cow [her choice of name not mine!] for adding me to their blog-roll. As always, I’m happy to return the favour.

ADDICTIVE : I must apologize in advance for introducing you to this game if it ends up keeping you hooked for hours. Just take solace in the fact that you are not alone. Here is pictorial proof that I eventually managed to score 27 in Optus Tennis.

LENT : As Easter approaches, I recall two original responses to the age old Catholic question : “What are you giving up for Lent?”. One was : “I’ve decided to give up giving up stuff”, while another was “I’ve given up drinking for Lent, and instead will be doing it for Height”.

CLOUSEAU : My daughter has been raving about how she enjoyed the latest Steve Martin flick “The Pink Panther” but I’m a die hard who insists that only the portrayal by Peter Sellers will do. I bought the DVD set yesterday to try and convert her, alas it was to no avail.

“I went to a shrink
To analyse my dreams
She says it’s lack of sex
That’s bringing me down
I went to a whore
He says my life’s a bore
And quit my whining
Cos it’s bringing him down”

Green Day, “Basket Case”, from “Dookie”

24 : I now know why I keep watching this show even though it bugs me. Though the plot is good enough that I am left wanting to see what happens in the next episode, once I find out, I simply don’t care anymore. I wonder if that affects DVD sales.

STATWATCH : Though the numbers of daily hits to this blog are dwindling, I was still proud to have passed the 14,000 mark last week. As the saying goes, you always feel fondly about your first, and I’m sure that applies to blogs as well…

GOOGLING : Latest phrases to lead people here include …

“backyard nudity”

“guten abend what does it mean”

“blackrock college posh”

“oral pap”

“fancy a shag carlsberg text message” *

I hope they all found what they were looking for.

StatWatch and Google phrases of the week courtesy of

* = from my Irish Blog


I'm with you on Peter Sellers. No one--NO ONE--will be able to duplicate his Clouseau.

Now I like Steve Martin, except for the fact that he can't keep his mouth shut about politics, but Sellers set the standard; Sellers IS the standard.
Jim Bliss said…
Both bunnies and eggs are fertility symbols. Throwbacks to when Easter was the pagan spring festival.
Agree that 'Songs for the Tempted' is a brilliant album. But you should also check out Man Alive & Classified Personal.
Anonymous said…
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