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One thing I have found interesting since I’ve began blogging is the general indifference of the so-called “mainstream media” to the Blogosphere.

However, when you think about it, it’s not all that surprising. These people are qualified journalists and broadcasters, have worked through the ranks to get their word in print, and in the process have had to suffer the indignity of seeing their work chopped to pieces by under-pressure editors.

Then along come these hacks from cyberspace and they get to put their views out there exactly the way they want it. The audience may not be as vast as more traditional sources of information, but the uncensored quality must get their goat just a little bit.

One of the most effective uses of blogs that challenges the media establishment is in the area of reviews. When you read about a film or a book in a newspaper, you have to wonder how much of the sentiments are genuine and how much are pre-written for them by the film distributors.

In a blog, you can say what you bloody well like about anything. And once you get to know and trust someone’s writing style, you can learn to appreciate their take on a particular production.

So without any further ado, for we all know you never want much ado, especially when it’s about nothing, like this particular ado is becoming, I’d like to award the Tenth Shagadelic Contribution To Blogland Award to Alan Sharp over at Random Burblings for his post “52 Movies, 52 Weeks - 5. Munich”.

Reviews are the key to Alan’s blog. OK – I’ll be honest, that’s not true at all. Not only is Alan a published author in his own right, he also has fascinating tales of various adventures around the globe, most recently out in the Himalayas. The whole “key” thing was just a way of linking into the pun I was going for in the title.

Still, he has taken on quite a task in vowing to review 52 movies in 52 weeks. I should know because I put similar pressure on myself with autobigraphical essays and what-not linked to strict time constraints.

Because it covers such a divisive topic, Munich was always going to receive mixed reviews. I found Alan’s take on it to be both honest and forthright, and it makes me want to see the film, without wanting to shower excessive praise on the esteemed director just for the sake of it.

Besides, being a Scotsman, who are supposedly to being stingy what the Irish are to drinking, I guess I should have to presume that Alan is the type who like to get his money’s worth! I hope he knows enough about my writing style to know I’m kidding!

Bravo, Mr Sharp, and take a bow. May the burblings keep randomly coming. By the way, that’s a brilliant word that one cannot help saying with a Caledonian inflection.

PS : The Awards Committee would like to make it clear that Mr Sharp's confirmed allegiance to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club in no way contributed to the selection process.

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Alan said…
Ooh, thank you. But if the Spurs thng wasn't a factor, was the fact that I closely resemble the person the award is named after anything to do with it????

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