what's right with this picture?

Click the pic to see it properly

Frequent hits are good, in fact they are GREAT. It's what keeps us bloggers blogging (hey! could that be a new occupation for one of the twelve days of Christmas?). I sincerely hope this post is not mistaken for a complaint that I am getting too many hits, far from it.

It's just that according to my stats, the above picture and the post associated with it has received almost 20% of my hits from all over the globe in the last 24 hours and for the life of me, I can't work out why.

Since I would like to be a "for-real" published writer at some point, I'd like to know, and I'd be open to suggestions. It's hardly the funniest post I've ever done, is it? Is that someone famous in the pic and I don't know it? Has it piqued the interest of the World Gravediggers Union? Or the International Barbecue Foundation?

Answers on a postcard to...well, me.


In Fact, Ah said…
I've noticed a huge surge in clicks recently from image searches on all the search engines. What's going on?
Alan said…
I would suggest it is because October 1st is World Vegetarian Day.
JL Pagano said…
Holy Lentil Casserole, Batman!

I think Alan's got it!
Michèle said…
Many viewers arrive at my site by way of Google searches for "spider poop" . . . Strange what people seek in the cyberworld . . .

. . . Stranger, too, when they find it!
shandi said…
Okay... this is sort of unrelated, but maybe I'm not the only one out there with this particuliar fetish. I love to watch men bbq. I'm not kidding! It's a fetish of mine. I actually have a collection of photos I plan to post in calendar form (call it "men & meat"). Google either term and viola... there's a hit.

I still get the belly-button weirdos hoping to find photos of assorted innies and outies. If you want hits... post the weirdest material you can find.

How many hits do you get from the word "shag"???
JL Pagano said…
Hmmmm - so for you that pic is porn Shandi, glad I could be of service...

As for people googling, "shag", I think I must have been hit from every possible combination and permutation of the word shag associated with pretty much everything animal, vegetable and/or mineral. There are some, shall we say, quite creative imaginations out there!

Come to think of it, I seem to remember a hit from the phrase "Shag on a barbecue" from last week, Shandi - do you a valid alibi?

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