in memoriam 070705

If all hatred is a river
And her rapids human pride
Then can we build a bridge across her
To the peace on the other side?

Though the currents may seem strong
And the distance far too wide
We’ve been waiting far too long
To find peace on the other side

If there’s one thing I believe in
If there’s a love I just can’t hide
I want to follow my own children
To the peace on the other side

So if hatred is a river
And her rapids human pride
Can we build a bridge across her
For there’s peace on the other side!

© JL Pagano 2001


yippee fucking yay

/end sarcasm
kieran said…
I have so much hope left in this world...

...but it shrinks, bit by bit, everytime I see another bus or cafe or street corner torn to shreds.

Excellent poem.
Great poem, Mr. P.

Now ...

Do you think it is possible to make peace with these murderers?
JL Pagano said…
That all depends on how you define “making peace”, Mr S, for I have a feeling you are playing the naivety card yet again.

If, as I suspect, you mean sitting down with the terrorists and smoking a peace pipe and participating in a group hug and getting along as if nothing ever happened; then no, I do not think it is possible.

However – if by “making peace” you mean being determined to get on with your life regardless and do everything you could to take the “terror” out of terrorism, thus pulling the rug out from these people and showing them their methods are NOT a means to achieve their so-called aims; then yes, I truly believe it can be done.

The one thing I really want to do right now is travel to London and ride the very same bus route that was blown up earlier today and show them they can’t scare me.

If we make hollow pledges to "hunt them down one by one" I feel we are playing right into their hands and showing them they do in fact have us in the grip of terror just like they intended.
I believe that we agree substantially on this point: We must live normally, regardless of what depraved and barbarous acts are perpetrated upon innocent, civilized people.

However, while I agree that we cannot let the threat of terrorist acts determine how we go about our day-to-day lives, we must at the same time systematically seek out these vermin and kill them. One-by-one, twenty at a time, or hundreds at once ... they have to be dealt with.

Contrary to your assertion, pledging to rid the world of these sick, evil lunatics is not an admission that they have us where they want us. To allow them to continue murdering innocent men, women and children (in the name of "religion," I might add!) without retaliation would surely signal that they have won.

I hope against all evidence that France, Germany and the other weak-kneed Europeans will at last awaken to the reality that no nation is safe from terrorist attacks, even if they cower behind trees in the hope they won't be noticed.
JL Pagano said…
What you call cowering behind the trees, I call showing defiance by paying these ignorant people no mind.

President Bush made a statement yesterday that sounded like it had been emailed over to him from the White House archives from September 11. "We will catch the terrorists, we will rid the world of them all, blah blah blah."

All I could think of saying was, "You said that four years ago, Mr President - look all around you, they're still out there. Maybe, just maybe, a different approach is required."

Of course you and I agree on the general principles involved here, for we are both good people. I just happen to believe for every one terrorist you expend time resources and energy to hunt down and kill, you create a thousand more.

I think it would be more productive to take the "terror" out of the equation on our side.
What you call paying these ignorant people no mind, the terrorists call tacit approval, for if you don't condemn what they do, they get the idea that you don't oppose what they do.

They find refuge in your country, a safe haven where they can hatch their evil plans, where money to fund them can be easily laundered. Great Britain may be the best example. Even though the British are in Iraq in large numbers, radical Islamic clerics regularly and openly preach their poison to other Muslims and incite violence against the British government, then take out their fanatacism on the British people. I won't be at all surprized to find that the perpetrators of these bombings are "insiders."

Remember, it's not just the presence of the U.S. and other nations in Iraq and other mideast countries that these people are angry about, it is the western way of life, it is democracy, it is freedom that they hate.

I don't think backing off and taking a live and let live approach will get us anything but it will allow them to breed and fester and become stronger.
Buffalo said…
Good job, Jeff.

You know, these bastards can kill you but it ain't likely they will eat you. Fuck them.
shandi said…
I was going to try... but in the end... I couldn't put it better than Buffalo.
Excellent poem/song JL.
JL Pagano said…
Thank you all.

I wrote this song, which I suppose is more of a hymn, shortly after 9/11, and I feel it still applies today.

Though we all have differing opinions on how to proceed after this atrocity, our hearts are clearly all in the right place.

I feel, Mr S, you misconstrue my opinion somewhat. I do not my any means feel we should "live and let live". If we can catch those who organized this abomination and bring them to justice and present evidence that proves their involvement beyond all reasonable doubt, then yes indeed, I say go after them.

My indifference pledge is more from the point of view of the public at large. Though obviously the scale of the attack was nowhere near that of New York, I still think the people of London deserve similar measures of credit for their effort and determination to get their city back to normal as soon as possible to try and take the "terror" out of "terrorism".
Heidi said…
wonderful song/poem, JL.
Without question Londeners have shot the bird at the terrorists by the way they have dealt with this atrocity. I think we both have the same opinion on that point.

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