heavy stuff

(These lyrics make up the rest of the chapter in my autobiography entitled “1000 words on…More Of My Lyrics” which I first posted yesterday)

Nobody told me it’d be this hard just getting through the day
With complications, situations getting in my way

I remember when I was a little boy
Who thought nothing at all could get in my way
The shit grown-ups told me used to build me up so high
That I swear to you I thought that I could fly
But then an overdose of reality left me shaking like a leaf
I found out life ain’t a fairy-tale much to my disbelief
Then all of a sudden all my childhood games didn’t matter anymore
And though I found it hard I had to disregard all I had learned before

Well I’ll tell you what
I’ve had enough
I don’t wanna play no more

Nobody told me it’d break my heart to see what’s really going on
With desperation, sheer frustration, making me write this song

Now whenever I see a little boy
Who thinks nothing at all can get in his way
I wanna sit him down, wanna spin him round, wanna open up his eyes
And show him the power of an open mind instead of fillin his head with lies
You know the sun’s what makes the rain worthwhile
A frown’s ok so long as you smile sometimes
Just try and find the light shining through the darkness
And maybe then you’ll begin to understand
You see noone’s got the monopoly on loneliness
In fact you could say that supply exceeds demand

Make me laugh – tell me a joke I ain’t never heard before
I think laughter keeps me from going crazy
You know maybe the past would come out that much clearer
If the future wasn’t so damn hazy
I know suicide may be painless but it doesn’t solve a thing
It makes a fool of birth and surely can’t be worth all the heartache it can bring
If only I could find the light shining through the darkness
Maybe then I’d begin to understand
I guess noone’s got the monopoly on loneliness
In fact you could say that supply exceeds demand

And when you add it up
You just get fed up
You want out but you don’t know how
Well I’ll tell you what
I’ve just had enough
Of this heavy stuff
Can I go home now?
I said – can I go home now?
I wanna go home…

© JL Pagano 1994


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Heidi said…
wow, JL. the truth of your lyrics was moving. thanks for putting in writing something I have thought about so many times, and thank you for sharing it.
Buffalo said…
Once again, well done!

I'm glad I had that time of illusions though. The memory is a nice place to hide every now and then.

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