you too will be jealous

The concert is this Friday!!! WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!

Even though it is a world tour, people will come from all over to see U2’s Dublin gigs this weekend. Personally, I couldn’t care less, so long as Sandra and I get our seats in Croke Park…


John said…
I heard on the radio today that you have to bring your mobile phone cos at one point Bono askes everyone to switch them on and hold them up, it must be the modern day lighter thing. Also I think the trains are planning a strike at the weekend, the BASTARDS.
Mike Todd said…
Hey man -- Diggin' the redesign on the top of the page.

Now I'm gonna be lookin' for a pic of the mobile phone thing after the weekend. I mean, some of those phones have gotta be camera phones. That's interesting. Must be because lighters have gotten so expensive.
Heidi said…
I am totally jealous! Enjoy yourself! :)
KV said…
I want to go too

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