introducing the "shaggy"

Winner of Shaggy I > Shandi

I was inspired this morning to come up with an award to grant to posts from other blogs which make my day somehow. I could go back in time and hand out dozens of them, but I have no doubt there's a lot more where they came from on my BlogRoll, so I will let this one be the first.
And so The First Shagadelic Contribution To Blogland Award (aka "The Shaggy") goes to Shandi over at "I Have 2 Belly-Buttons" for her highly entertaining and innovative picturefest, "Who says you can't have the fairytale?".
Congrats, and may your award take pride of place on your mantlepiece.
Your acceptance speech will be limited to two minutes so we can go to a word from our sponsors.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the link to the first Shaggy. Fun post indeed! You made the right choice with your award!

pissed off patricia
shandi said…
You, son of a made me cry. I'm not kidding. I actually had to get a kleenex.

Thanks for .......................................well.....THANKS!!!!
Buffalo said…
The gal has it going on, doesn't she?
fairygirl701 said…
I really enjoyed that! Thanks JL

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