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Dial-a-toilet launched in China

The world's first telephone toilet location system is to be launched in Shanghai next month.

The move was announced at the First World Toilet Forum held in the Chinese city, reports City Express.

Users dial a special number and the system tells them the location of the nearest public toilet.

In the future, it will also give them information such as whether or not the conveniences are free of charge.

Sun Guizhi, director of the Shanghai city cleaning office, said: "The system is mainly for tourists who come to the city for the first time."
I can hear it now...
[Chinese translation] "Thank you for calling Dial-A-Toilet. Your call is very important to us. If you have to do a Number 1, press 1. If you have to do a Number 2, press 2. If you wish to speak to an operator, cross your legs and hold and your call will be answered in rotation. We will play soothing waterfall sounds while you are waiting."
Can you imagine taking part in something called "The First World Toilet Forum"??? What would the agenda be like?
Item #1 : Dial-a-Toilet
Item #2 : Developing the Toilet Seat No Man Can Leave Up
Item #3 : Remarketing The Bidet
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alley rat said…
there was a World Toilet Forum?

if i'd had this service when i was travelling in europe, maybe i wouldn't have had to pee in the bushes next to the eiffel tower and releave my bowels in Highgate Cemetary in London....

yes, i know it's not nice, but when you gotta go, you gotta go...
Jo said…
Brilliant! As an IBS sufferer that would be fantastic!! Seriously! However, it could have the reverse effect if you discover that the nearest facility is 2 mile away and you've already got a curious turtle....

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