six brave women – the first victory

“Sinn Fein is accusing the PSNI [police force in Northern Ireland] of refusing to question suspects .. and turning away witnesses who want to give evidence regarding the murder. Martin McGuinness says the police have a politically-motivated agenda in wanting to drag the case out.”

A group of unfortunate people standing at a bus stop jumped out of their skins as, while stopped at a red light, I bellowed expletives at my car radio after hearing the above report an hour ago.

It seems I was right to suggest the McCartney sisters were considering entering the political arena. The following news sent a chill down my spine, as it would for anyone who knew the man in question was himself a convicted terrorist :

“Mr McGuinness said the McCartneys needed to be very careful they did not step over the line into party politics, which he said could do a huge disservice to their campaign to bring the killers to justice.”

Yet Robert McCartney’s partner and his five sisters have seen their courage rewarded by being granted an audience with no less than President George W Bush himself on St Patrick’s Day, at the expense of a photo-op with the IRA’s political wing Sinn Féin (pronounced SHIN FAYNE).

The republican organization’s threats and accusations are nothing but desperate measures. The police thing is particularly incredible, and is what led to my tirade earlier. If the police HAD run around gathering suspects as McGuinness said they schemed to avoid, he would be the very one screaming injustice.

It’s time for the terrorists to learn they can’t have it both ways.

I take my hat off to whoever told the president this was the right thing to do.

I will drink a pint on St Patrick’s Day in celebration for the six brave women’s first victory in their struggle, and hope against hope that they achieve their ultimate goal, which is of course bringing their loved one’s killers to justice.


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