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welcome to the big leagues

After a lengthy spell in the reserves, I have finally been accepted to the First Team of Public Opinion. Having had my text messages and emails read out on a regular basis on NewsTalk 106 for a couple of years, tonight I had a serious email about the Northern Ireland situation read on the respected RTE Current Affairs show Questions And Answers. With reference to the recent collapse of the talks on the strength of a squabble over a Polaroid photograph, I said ; "There is only one photograph that I would like to see and that is one of Dr Paisley and Mr McGuinness outside Stormont ready to go in and govern the north the way the majority on both sides of the border want them to." I tried to give my pen name of JL Pagano but was not too disappointed that I was officially announced as Jeff Lee. The leader of the Irish Labour Party, Pat Rabbitte, said "here here". As you can see I'm a bit chuffed!

I am now a fully fledged fan of the comedy show…

a question for you, messrs bush and blair....

Exactly how many people would a weapon have to kill for it to be considered one of "mass destruction", and would one that killed that number less one be ok???

cabbage and bakin'

The two buzzwords representing my weekend in Amsterdam are "cabbaged" and "baked", for this is what I was for the three days. From the moment I lit my first joint in the Grasshopper bar to my night's sleep on Tuesday night which was aided by the hash muffin I smuggled home, I was in a parallel universe where all I wanted to do was either sleep or smoke some more. My travelling companion Jason disappeared a few times to either "make a phone call" like he said he was doing, or perhaps he was knocking on doors in the red light district; either way he proably even more cabbaged than I was. All in all it was good to get away for a couple of days and simply relax, and I will hopefully return one day for the same purpose.

It is only this morning that I am starting to focus once again on my future and what it should hold. My first goal should be to get this house cleaned up and also to get my writing back on track. I have the kids with m…