voter anarchy

Today is polling day in my country of birth. It fascinates me how a nation that prides it self on democratic principles can have a voting system that is anything but fully representative. Electoral college? I don't care what the intentions of the founding fathers may have been; what the Americans of today are left with is a format whereby the duopoly of political parties get to greatly minimise their campaign spending by simply concentrating on the so-called "swing" states, leaving over half the population of the country constantly ignored by the prospective candidates right up to polling day. I read an article about possible change in the "middle ground" states, with apparently Colorado leading the campaign to have these states award all of their electoral college votes to the winner of the NATIONAL popular vote, rather than that of within its own state. I would be fully in favour of this. Should ten or more states agree to do it, the donkeys and the elephants in Washington may finally prick up their ears.

I received an envelope over 2 weeks ago with a sample ballot, shortly followed by a confirmation card saying that I had been registered. Pity the actual ballot itswelf never arrived in time for me to cast my vote. Bloody Schwarznegger-led administration!!!! It's not so bad, though, as I am reliably informed that California is a lock for John Kerry, who would have of course been my choice.


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