text of despair

I just got a text from Sandra which read : "I will have to go can not deal with it any more its killing me I feel like I'm going to break down". She is being driven demented by her job which usually entails being faced with a long queue of patients and coping with elderly people who are either profoundly deaf or profoundly ignorant, if not both. She has been having nightmares recently which involve her doing immense damage to herself, like scratching at her legs. She rang me earlier this morning and told me she will see a doctor on Friday, and obviously since been stressed out further in work. I wish there was something I could do for her myself.

As predicted, Spurs named assistant Marin Jol as their coach last night, and he kicks off tonight with a crucial Carling Cup match against Burnley. It's a make or break type of game and it's live on Sky. Not sure I'll be able to watch.


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