shaggy dog story

Well, I slept on it. Still in a quandry. The evidence doesn't add up, she's just not that stupid. If she is, then what am I letting myself in for. She says she came back from the toilet and stood in the wrong place for half an hour. She has been in that pub dozens of times. There's a guy Michael that has been chasing her, and I have a theory that she saw him there and was afraid to have me see him because I would think she went there on purpose to meet him. Truth is, I probably would have thought that, cos I'm a serious paranoid android. So what now???? Tonight I am committed to dinner in her mum's house, then bringing her dog Jesse to Sandra's animal grooming class to be used as a guinea pig. I need to go through with that, and see how I feel when I'm with her. Then I think I should stay away from her until Friday, when we usually do something. I don't need this bullshit, torn between fear I'm being made a fool of and a fear that I'm making a fool of myself.


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