no magical mystery

Got another comment on my writing, this time on the sister blog which has 1000-word pieces on various aspects of my life to date. "Thanks for the interesting narrative. I found it (you?) bit lacking in magic; but honest, interesting and eloquent." I know exactly what he means by the magic thing, I actually thought that myself when I was posting it. I feel it's improtant to go for quantity rather than quality and hope the quality eventually sorts itself out. I heard something on the radio about a "November Novel Challenge" where they suggested prospective writers have a go at a 50,000 word novel by the end of the month. For my Stories Worth A Thousand Words, this of course would mean 50 chapters. I set myself a goal to have them all done by Christmas instead, or at least to try and do one a day.

Poor Sandra is extremely unhappy where she works right now, which is in the Royal Eye and Ear Hospital downtown. They have her making appointments with the patients, the majority of which are elderly and thus head-wrecking. She has constantly asked to move to another department, to no avail. Although she has made many good friends in there, I have a feeling she may be prone to a bit of back-stabbing by some of the girls which won't be helping her. She says the job is "destroying her soul" and I wish there was something I could do beyond give comfort and advice, but of course there isn't.


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