the good crowd

My male friends can easily be divided into two distinct categories : "The Good Crowd" and obviously "The Bad Crowd". The good lot consist of settled, married, good-job-having, golf-playing, wine-tasting, poker-playing, cigar-smoking, have-a-midweek-drink-but-not-stay-out-too-late-cos-i've-work-in-the-morning types. Decent people all, I must add. On the other hand I have my bad lot which comprises spliff-smoking, womanizing, dirty-joke-telling, bookie-frequenting, drink-anywhere-anytime types. Again, decent people underneath it all. When I do get out without Sandra it is normally with the bad crowd, and we go to a night club, get blotto on vodka and chat up girlies. (Here I should add that often when I have the kids overnight, Sandra goes out and gets blotto and gets chatted up - doesn't mean anything untoward actually happens!) Meetings with the good crowd are much more formal, and usually consist of meeting up on the first Thursday of every month in the Stillorgan Orchard pub at 9:30, have a few jars, bang on about how great their lives are, stop for a bag of chips, then head home. I still go each month, and must admit I am often intimidated because of my lack of high powered job like them, though I know I shouldn't be. I guess if I felt that badly about it I would not go at all. I missed the last two months on account of my USA trip and my grandfather's funeral, so I don't mind making an appearance tonight. Besides I feel a bit better about myself on account of grandma's good doctor's report and my improved fitness on account of my regular jogging. This is about as much as I feel I can write about these monthly meetings; in future I will probably just say after the event "Met the good crowd last night" and you will get the idea!


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