gas craic altogether

She loved the ring. She had a horrible morning in work on Friday and was telling me how upset she was when I picked her up, so I came over with spontaneity. We had to stop off at her new gym and I waited in the car as she picked up her stuff. I cleared out the glove compartment and fecked all the shite from within into the back seat. I got the ring out of my bag, opened the box and placed it in the g.c. When she got back I told her to get a cd out of there maybe it would cheer her up. Of course at first she said "Ah no yer grand, sure we can play some music later!!!". Eventually I had to say "Just open the bloody thing!!!!!" So she did, and was almost moved to tears by the ring. I'll post a pic of her sporting it later on.
The trip went well, we had a laugh as we always do. We are very relaxed together. The only drawback was my upset stomach which lasted the entire weekend and manifested itself in a series of atrocious farts which I could not keep in the whole time. Looking back I now realize of course she knew it was me that was doing them. Especially with the smoking ban in place everything you do in pubs gets noticed. I had a few jars on me and let a few off for pure relief but OF COURSE she knew it was me!!!! SCARLEH!!!! I'm gonna bring a cork with me next time!!!

The A's lost the first two games to the Anaheim Angels and so our season is over. Heartbreaking. They should have easily won the division. They are still the best value-for-money team in baseball, however, and I dearly hope they are never forced to leave the Bay Area. My support must now be for the Boston Red Sox, who are still under "The Curse Of The Bambino", not having won a World Series crown since 1908.


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