doubly healthy

Well, I said I was worried about the two doctor's assessments I was due to receive on Grandma and myself respectively, so I should be doubly relieved that both of us were given clean bills of health! I am especially proud of Grandma's report as I have been responsible for her food intake since November of last year. I left the surgery without a prescription for her which must register as some kind of success in itself. I keep feeling guilty that in the most part I am doing nothing to contribute to society as a whole so this report proves that I am actually making a difference. If she was on her own there is no way she would be eating properly. If she was in a home there is no way she would be happy because her independence would be all but eliminated.

As for my own health, my worries were not helped last night by my watching an episode of the plastic surgeon drama series Nip/Tuck in which one of the main characters Christian Troy is waiting on results of blood tests thinking he may be HIV positive. Now I haven't had anywhere near as many sexual partners as he has in the story, but this shows you how my mind works. If given the opportunity to worry, I will. I mentally prepared myself for the doctor telling me something terrible, but of course he didn't. Cholesterol, blood sugar, everything that was tested turned out ok. He said just to keep up the jogging and watch the diet and I will be fine. I go back to him in two months to see if the blood pressure goes down, but he didn't even seem too concerned about that.

I taped the debate between American Vice-Presidential candidates Dick Cheney and John Edwards, and watched it this morning. It was interesting to a point - on the Iraq issue JE pretty much re-iterated what Kerry had said last Thursday, although this was something he needed to do because they are trying to reach out to the un-decided voters who don't want Bush but are sceptical about voting at all. Cheney put forward a better case overall than the president had, and I feel his opponent missed his chance to use the Haliburton card effectively. The facts are simple - The Bush administration pushed for war, and a company of which DC was a director ends up taking all the spoils of the reconstruction. If you can't use that plain and simple truth to question the admistration's motives for going to war maybe you shouldn't be in the race at all. I'm sure his advisers were at pains to tell him to be careful and whatever, so I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised. They briefly discussed gay marriages, on which JE mentioned the fact that DC's own daughter is gay, which DC did not seem to appreciate at all. Overall I feel the debate was a tie, but considering JE is trying to prove his suitability for office, a tie is a better result for him.


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