back to normal

I brought Grandma to the Royal Hospital Donnybrook Day Hospital this morning for her "weekly" visit for physiotherapy and assessment, her first such visit since the passing of my grandfather back in August. It is very important for me that she goes every week as it is important back up for me to have her monitored so I can be sure I am doing ok with her.

Last night I wrote the second in my series of 1000-word pieces of summaries of my life to date, and my subject was my propensity to send text messages to the local radio station NewsTalk106. Doing the piece has gone a long way to help me come to terms with an aspect of my life which is holding me back to a great degree. See the latest entry to my "sister blog" I must admit I did send one text to The Eamonn Dunphy Show this morning, but since have honoured my "Text Free Tuesday" pledge. It's not easy!!!


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