Monday, May 01, 2006

bitesize bullets


ACCOMPLISHED : Last week was a big one for me – on Tuesday, my divorce was finalised by a judge, then on Saturday, I made the big move for my grandmother to her sheltered accommodation an hour from Dublin. She seems to be settling in ok so far – fingers crossed.

NEXTBLOGGING : I just hit the “Next Blog” and it led me here. Seems like a respectable personal blog by a lady from Canada. Shame about the overly self-deprecating profile tagline, however. There’s a brief interesting post down the page about Mick Jagger’s plans to star in a sitcom.

“When yer lonely and you start to hear
The little voices in your head at night
You will only sniff away the tears
So you can dance until the morning light
At what price?”

Oasis, “Sunday Morning Call”, taken from “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”

CHARLIE : Speaking of Oasis, I used to think I always got the hidden references in the show “Lost”, but only recently did I realise what was represented by the Charlie character. He’s supposed to be a junkie in a band from Manchester with his brother Liam? Duh!

WEIGHT : Although I did well last autumn with a weight-loss regime, since Christmas I have fallen off the wagon somewhat. Time to go back to keeping a record of my progress here. Let’s just call “x” my current weight and see how much I can shed in the coming weeks.

BLAIR : It is nine years to the day since Tony Blair came to power in Britain. Surely with all that is happening his days as prime minister are numbered– not only are his senior colleagues involved in various scandals but there is also the small matter of Iraq.

CORLEONE : Even if it is tongue-in-cheek, I can’t help but be flattered by fellow Irish blogger Paige (or is it Roisín?) A Harrison’s post where she refers to me as “The Godfather”. It came after an interesting series of comments following her piece on Irish blogging phenomenon Twenty Major.

TUNES : Though many bands from the 80s sound dated today, I guarantee you the Housemartins’ debut album “London-0 Hull-4”, currently in my car stereo, would still be a hit if released now. Their singer Pd Heaton went on to form The Beautiful South while drummer Norman Cook turned into FatBoy Slim.

STATWATCH : This blog has taken a relative surge of hits lately, eventually tipping over the 15,000 mark courtesy of someone from India. The returning visitors stats are also holding steady which is a good sign. The Irish blog just passed 8,500 as well.

GOOGLING : Latest phrases to lead people here include …

“man pampering”

“play roberto baggio game”

“sex word of the day”

“diego maradona pronunciations”

“matt santos liberal quote”

“arsenal are like jordan too many foreign implants” *

I hope they all found what they were looking for.

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Mike Todd said...

Hey man! You ever hear that song 36D by Beautiful South? That was one of my favorite tunes in high school.

And please, keep us supplied with all of your excellent ideas regarding man pampering.