Friday, May 12, 2006

all the tens

This isn’t really a “meme” per se – this is just something I want to try out by way of a different method of posting. Of course feel free to try it yourself if it seems interesting.

I’m quite the control freak. I can’t post on my blog unless I type something up on Word first then scrutinize it a gagillion times before publishing, and even THEN I have to go back and re-edit over and over.

Fellow blogger Shandi gave me an idea to test myself via this post of hers.

So for this writing exercise I will do the following –

1. Open up my Blogger dashboard
2. Pick up a random book
3. Go to the tenth page
4. go to the tenth line on that page
5. go to the tenth word on that line
6. if the tenth word has less than four letters, I will take the nearest word of four letters or more that comes before it
7. as soon as I identify the word, I must type it, then start my timer for ten minutes and write whatever I can about that word
8. then I just hit publish and hope for the best

Here goes…

Today's word is... TIMES
Ok times - well I'm thinking about newspapers right now - The Irish Times in particular, how their leading columnist of many years Kevin Myers recently defected to rival publication the Irish Independent. He was too controversial for this country's leading publication I guess. I always remember reading a piece he wrote about a poor girl who was killed down in County Wexford a couple of years ago. She was from Germany and worked for a family down there as a nanny. She was pushing a buggy containing the couple's baby son and the buggy had gone out onto the road while she was still on the sidewalk and got stuck as a big truck was approaching. she tried to wave to the driver to get his attention but as he had a stack of boxes beside him in the cab he didnt see her. So she heroically pushed the buggy forward beyond the truck but tragically she herself wa shit and killed by the truck who never saw her until it was too late. It was clearly a harrowing event for all concernec. Anyway Myers was writing an article about our judicial system saying how hard it is to achieve speedy justice. The girl's poor parents had to come back and forth from Germany to attend various hearings and as far as I know, the man was not convicted and is still driving today. I could be wrong though - remember the nature of these posts is that I spew out what pops into my head and keep my head down and don't even check for spelling mistakes [though I will be honest I have backspaced a good few times already! Anyway - the part about Myers' piece that bugged me was the way he made a flippant reference to the girl after the accident as a "flattened piece of steak tartare", which although his overall slant was in favour of her and her family in the case, I found to be a morally reprehensible choice of words. Now I'm wondering why the hell the word "times" made me think of that story, but my own time is now numbered, so I guess I will wrap this up. This is an interesting excercies but if you try it remember to minimise your distractions as you do it. turn off your phone, get you head down,m and type. Here's a long sentence to finish off with that doesn't really msay anything but will use up my laST TEN SECONDS.


Anonymous said...

You spent 10 minutes speaking on a wonderful heroic act that ended in tragedy and in a horrible statement made about her in the "Times". Quality piece JL. You should try this 10 minute test more often. It's a clear indicator of the blogger's thought process, yours being wonderful insightful commentary on events that impact society.

Your link to Shandi, however is something alltogether different. She ranted about sex for 15 minutes. Her site is most definately not "work safe". Just wanted your readers to beware. S&M should stand for "Sick & Manipulative".

Benny K said...

Cool experiment, cool post. Thanks for trying it out on us...

JL Pagano said...

anonymous - Tell you time I talk to Shandi I will tell her exactly what you said ;-)

Benny K - thanks man, hough I reckon the concept needs a bit of tweaking I will definitely try it again