Wednesday, April 26, 2006

you can call me andy

The divorce went through without a hitch yesterday. I will definitely blog about it soon, but there is still a lot of work to be done on other things before I will have the time. Instead, I will republish this poem I wrote last year when I saw the movie "The Shawshank Redemption" and noticed several correlations to my current predicament. Let's just say - now I'm free.

Hi there nice to meet you
My name is Andy Dufresne
Yeah just like the guy outta that movie
You know, the one with the jail
Well that’s me
I’m inside for something I didn’t do
So what if everyone in here says that
I don’t care about everyone
I care about me
I’ve been guilty of many things
But I'm
not guilty of what got me here
And it’s a long stretch
The screws give me grief whenever they can
It’s not because they hate me
It’s because they hate their jobs
The warden gives me grief whenever he can
It’s not because he hates me
It’s because he hates himself
But even though they give me grief
They need me cos I got smarts
I got smarts so they want me here
But what they don’t know is
I got more smarts than they know
I got enough smarts to get out of here
You see, I have a plan
Not only do I have the plan, and the smarts
I have the determination
I’d crawl through 500 yards of sewers to get out of here
This place is one big human sewer anyway
What difference is five football fields of it gonna make
But it’s not what’s in here that makes me wanna leave
It’s what’s out there
The possibilities
The freedom
It’s been so long now
My imagination is running wild
It should be me that runs wild
It won’t be long now
When the weather is just right
The booming thunder will beckon me
The driving rain will beckon me
Never before will such a miserable night
Have been so inviting
So inspiring
So beautiful
Oh to rip these prison clothes from my body
Oh to let the driving rain cleanse my body
Oh to hold my hands aloft and taste my destiny
Oh to be free

© JL Pagano 2005


Paige A Harrison said...

Andy (JL),
Congratulations and best wishes.

Anna said...

I'm glad it went smoothly and that you are feeling so positive about it. It's not unusual for someone, even one who wants a divorce, to feel a bit down after it happens.

Curly K said...

JL, glad things are going better than when you wrote the poem and that your divorce is through.

Great poem - jesus, is absolutely every blogger apart from me a talented poet.

I tell you, its getting lonely out here in mundane blogging land. Everyone else seems to have poetry or fantastic creativity and acerbic stories. I just seem to whitter on about my boring life.

Jim said...

Fear not, Curly. I join you from the ranks of mundanity to say that I, too, pale in comparison to the literary talents of JL.

JL, sorry to say that I am woefully behind at keeping up with things. Just know that I wish you the best.

And dude, anybody that can draw a parallel to their life from that of the fictional Andy Dufresne.... well you're alright by me. William Wallace said it best: "Freeeeedooommmmmmmmm"