Friday, April 28, 2006

all the right ingredients

Shaggy XII > Knackered Kaz

I’m the kind of blogger – scratch that – I’m the kind of PERSON who likes to make things difficult.

If something looks too easy, I presume there must be some flaw or other, so I tend to look for all the alternatives first, which produces either an overly complicated result, or no result at all.

But enough about me.

I admire people who can just get out there and do something and make it work. In the realm of blogging, this means taking what could seem on the surface as an ordinary occurrence in the household and fashioning it into a damn entertaining post.

This is one of the rare occassions I get to give a “Shaggy” award to someone I have actually met. And so, with all roadblocks to any further ado firmly in place, I would now like to award the Twelfth Shagadelic Contribution to Blogland Award to Knackered Kaz from “Life’s A Bastard…and then you die” for her excellent offering “Nigella Lawson, I ain’t!

There are not many writers out there who would be able to find humour in a family meal. In this post Kaz has managed to combine all the right ingredients and I’m sure you will agree that once you tuck into it you will be going back for more and dying to know the recipe.

OK – I’d better not get carried away with the culinary puns. Bravo, Kaz, take a bow.

On a side note, though I know Kaz is not responsible for this, I’ve always wondered why “bastard” is popularly used as the male equivalent of “bitch”…

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Curly K said...

Kaz's post is a great post but then the girl's got talent.

And now I am all excited; something to aim for in life;

A JL Pagano "Shagadelic Contribution to Blogland Award" - whey, hey! :-)

JL Pagano said...

The Awards Committee would like to make it known that it is in no way opposed to the suggestion of bribery as a means of improving ones chances of consideration. ;-)

On an unrelated note - is it me or are the word verification thingies getting longer? Mine is "knynmvnf" for this comment. I'm starting to think I preferred getting spam.

KnackeredKaz said...

Ah thanks so much JL! I'm only seeing this now, haven't been at the computer all evening. Woo, a Shaggy Award! Mammy and Daddy Dunne will be so proud!

Curly K said...

Well, well, JL; you've just given me the breakin' story I was after;


The Godfather of Blogging, Mr. JL Pagano, today announced, via commentary on one of his notable blogs......."

Maybe I'll get an award for outstanding blogosphere journalism :-)