Wednesday, March 15, 2006

what more can they tell us?

The following report was on yesterday. Click the headline for the full story.

Scores of bodies found in Baghdad

Iraqi authorities have discovered bodies from two mass killings, taking the number of corpses found in the past 24 hours to more than 80.

The bodies of 15 bound and apparently tortured men were found in an abandoned vehicle in Baghdad's Khadra district.

Hours later, at least 29 bodies were found bound, blindfolded and buried in a south-eastern suburb of the capital.

Analysts say the killings reflect the continuing sectarian violence between Sunni and Shia extremists.

Stories like this mean nothing to us now, do they?

More than 80 people killed in a couple of days because of the tensions in Iraq.

Yesterday, for a brief moment, I actually stopped to think about it.

Eighty people.

According to Wikipedia, these are the latest approximate figures of casualties since the invasion began.

Non Iraqi civilians = at least 560

Non-US armed forces = 206

US Armed forces = 2,304

Iraqis = Officially, anything from 28,501 to 32,119 [these are a fraction of the UN estimates but we all know what Bush supporters would say about them]

It has been three years since the occupation of Iraq began.

They told us there were WMDs.

They told us there were direct links between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda.

They told us it was what “The Iraqi people” wanted.

They told us that it was necessary for the Allied forces to bring a stability and democracy to Iraq.

Now, the country appears to be on the brink of civil war, yet not only do we here nothing about withdrawal, instead we hear Dubya beating his drums of war in Iran’s direction.

What more can they tell us?

How can it possibly be anything we can believe?

What more can we say in return?

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