Wednesday, March 22, 2006

from in-rage to out-rage

Shaggy XI > Omani

As part of my selection process for choosing this month’s winner of the “Shaggy” award, I first looked over the previous winners to see if there was a type of post which had been overlooked up to now.

It was then that I realized that one of the most crucial uses to which a blog can be put is yet to be recognized by my award, and I wish to put this right straightaway.

Fittingly, the author of the award-winning post himself explains precisely what I mean in his own text :
Blogging lets the powerless speak out. Potentially it is the greatest social audit ever invented. Blogs, and the community of bloggers, can hold the mighty to account and thereby prevent violence.
And so, without going on about “further ado” as much as I normally do, I’d like to award the Eleventh Shagadelic Contribution To Blogland Award to Omani over at From Bath To Cork With Baby Grace for his post “Our Lady of Lourdes : Institutionalized Contraception”.

There is no need for me to go on about the actual topic in question, for Omani does a more than adequate job of this himself.

The reason for the award is that the post demonstrates just how useful a blog can be in articulating the way some big news story may affect you personally, and at the same time put it in a whole new perspective for someone else to ponder.

Bravo, Omani, take a bow. And while I’m at it, congratulations on the England cricket team beating India today.

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Omaniblog said...

Oh, I am still shaking... from the shock. I got the news in a comment from Blank Paige and couldn't figure out what she meant. I'd almost forgotten (says he shamefully) about your main blog.

You are too generous but I love it. I bow and accept with a thrill. I'm so pleased to have got it for that blog because I felt so strongly about the issues that I had to find an angle from which I would not be overwhelmed by emotion.

You are wonderfully encouraging. I owe you a lot.

Dol said...

Definitely an interesting article and blog.