Wednesday, February 22, 2006

like a hole in the head

"Um, before your next shot I should warn you that the phrase 'double top' refers to an area of the actual dartboard itself..."

Ah, how I've missed delving into Ananova's "Quirky" files. They can forever be relied upon for inspiration when it appears you have nothing to post about.

This time, it appears our friends over in Holland are having a spot of bother with their aim...

Dutch danger of darts

Holland may introduce new rules after it was revealed at least 120 people are injured playing darts in pubs each year.

Of those, at least 12 people end up in accident and emergency with a dart in their eye, reported the Dutch Consumer Safety Council.

Other injuries include concussion caused by falling dart boards.

Measures now being considered include roping off whole areas in front of darts boards and modified darts.

The game is hugely popular in the Netherlands with the current world champion, Jelle Klaase, hailing from Alphen in central Holland.

I reckon just one blanket rule would solve this problem ...

"Do not either play or watch darts while stoned."

Come to think of it, considering where it is, maybe they should just ban the game altogether...


Dol said...

Darts, shmarts. When I was a nipper all we had was a big rock which we would try to hit with other, slightly smaller rocks. And we were happy to get it, too.

Heidi said...

ya know... I've actually pondered this while watching people play darts in the bar.

seems a silly place to put so many sharp objects, don'tcha think?

getting hammered and hurling sharp objects within close range of your best buddies... it's a wonder anyone makes it out of there with both eyes intact.

even playing pool can become dangerous when enough alcohol is involved. "8 ball corner pocket" could just as easily be called out "8 ball between your front pockets." ouch!

Cherubesque said...

God, darts in a pub full of sweaty obese men... doesn't appeal. At least pre-smoking ban there was a way to mask the smell of arse. Give me cocktails any day.