Monday, February 20, 2006

bitesize bullets


HEADING? : This week’s guest language for Yahoo’s translator tool is of course Spanish. When you run it back through into English it comes out : “A LITTLE TO TAKE CARE OF IN EXCESS AND THE UNEVEN PELUSA of Pagan JL”. Any offers to excessively take care of my uneven pelusa?

TUNES : It may have taken him a while to emulate his excellent “White Ladder”, but David Gray’s latest album “Life In Slow Motion” was well worth the wait. The title track and “Hospital Food” stand out for me, but it’s a good listen all round.

CARTOON : Incredibly, the protests are still going on over those Danish cartoons, and blood is still being spilled as a result. It just shows how easy it is to spread hatred. Those who think this is merely a Muslim problem are just as bad if you ask me.

AWARDS : Well knock me down with a feather – I’ve actually made the shortlist for the Irish Blog Awards in the “Best Blog Post” category for my poem “Ní Thosaímid An Tine”. Thank you to everyone who voted for me – the ceremony is on March 11th in Dublin, I’ll keep you posted.

BUSHBASHING : Donald Rumsfeld claims on the one hand that we need to be “smarter with the media” when approaching the “War on Terror”, yet he chooses to square off with Kofi Annan through the press, which surely can only help the Extremists’ cause. It all gets scarier by the day.

HUNTED : If you have seen the movie Donnie Brasco, you will be a bit concerned at the knowledge that someone googled the words “joe pistone current location” and made their way to my Irish blog! Maybe I don’t hope they find what they’re looking for this time…

QUOTABLE : Not sure who coined this phrase, but I whoever it was deserves much kudos – I reckon it succinctly explains just what is meant by the term “human rights” … “Your right to swing your fist ends where my face begins.”

HURT : My Oakland Athletics came close to the playoffs last year despite a terrible start, and after signing Frank “The Big Hurt” Thomas, they may just go the extra mile in 2006. You can be sure I’ll be boring the pants of you here on ABOPATOS in the coming months.

OVERKILL : There are conflicting reports out there about the cast of the hit NBC show “Friends” coming back for a series of reunion shows. As much as I enjoyed it when it was running, I sincerely hope they leave it as it is.

GOOGLING : Latest phrases to lead people here include …

“bisexual premiership footballers allegations”

“break rocks with other rocks scrubs quotes”

“ball at the club lyrics fags a day”

“foxxy love cartoon kissing video”

“joe pistone current location” *

I hope they all (but one) found what they were looking for.

Google phrases of the week courtesy of

* = from my Irish Blog


Anna said...

Hey, congrats on the shortlisting! I'm disappointed that it wasn't one of the categories I voted for you in, but happy for you all the same.

Where are the festivities going to take place? Are you going?

Mike Todd said...

Dude, you're famous! Congrats.

And no, I did not find nearly the wealth of bisexual premiership footballers allegations information that I was hoping for.

Heidi said...

congrats on the irish blog award, JL!

and I love that quote, “Your right to swing your fist ends where my face begins.” excellent!