Friday, January 13, 2006

where flattery does get you

Shaggy IX > Paige A Harrison

One thing is for sure when it comes to being a blogger – if you can’t take criticism, you shouldn’t be doing it.

In fact, I find one of the benefits of inhabiting the Blogosphere has been to hear different takes on what you have to say on life, the universe and everything.

Now don’t get me wrong – it’s much better to have someone stop by and leave a comment telling you how wonderful you and your writing is, but if that was all you were ever getting, you may start to wonder just how genuine they were being. Getting the odd curveball tossed into your comment section is what makes it all worthwhile.

The purpose for my regular “Shaggy” award is to acknowledge my fellow bloggers in my own way. I have decided to make it a monthly occurrence for it has been rather erratic up to now.

So without any further ado I would like to announce that The Ninth Shagadelic Contribution To Blogland Award goes to Paige A Harrison over at “blankpaiges” for her recent post “Education Is Such A Pain In The Back”.

Paige is a regular visitor to my Irish blog and can always be relied upon to leave her two cents behind whether she agrees or not, and that has to be applauded.

This award, however, is totally deserved by the post itself in its own right. Though it’s relatively short in length, Paige does an excellent job of setting the scene for something she observed while strolling through St Stephens Green in Dublin recently. She even pays another blogger (ironically RedMum, the previous winner of this award) the courtesy of adding a link to her photos to accompany the story.

Bravo, Paige, and if you don’t mind accepting an award from a Bleeding Heart Liberal that makes you livid [ok now I will let it go I promise ;-)], take a bow.

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Paige A Harrison said...

Paige is speechless! To be honoured with such a prestigous award is so humbling. To be even considered along side such brilliant previous winners is indeed an honour.

There are one or two people that I must acknowledge. I'd like to thank my parents who were there for me, since I was nine. Also big respect to God, Liz O'Donnell, Michael McDowell, Brian Kerr, Mr Sudoko, the heavily laden Loretto girl and the guy from Eircom who installed my broadband.... now I'd like to read a short poem that means a lot to me but the red light is flashing so my two minutes are up!!