Monday, January 30, 2006

bitesize bullets


HEADING? : As you can see by the blog title I’ve found a new toy online – Yahoo’s translator tool. You can have a bit of fun with it, especially when you know the translation probably bears no resemblance to the original meaning whatsoever. This week’s guest tongue is of course French.

TUNES : I’ve been catching up on my pre-Christmas album purchases and lately it has been Gorillaz’ latest “Demon Days”. Not only are these guys innovative with the whole “virtual band” concept, they also produce some kickin dance tunes.

SLANG : I’m not quite sure if I’m at the right age to get away with the phrase “kickin dance tunes”. In fact, I know for a fact I would never use that in speech. Please forgive me. These things are important you know.

LOST : Halfway through series 2, I’m still enjoying this show. From the get-go I was impressed, but I was curious as to how they could expand the mystery behind the plot beyond one full season. I just hope they keep it up and don’t end up stranded like the leading characters.

INLAW : I have written here before about my brother-in-law-to-be John and his blog about self harm. Yesterday a leading Irish Sunday paper ran an extensive article about his story, click here to have a look, it's a damn interesting read.

SOCCER : It’s just 18 weeks to the start of the World Cup in Germany, and every Friday between now and then I’ll be doing a series of posts which I will call “Sprechen Sie Fußball?” to help set the stage for the greatest single sport event on earth.

LINK: This week’s link shout-out is long overdue on account of my break. Thanks to That Girl from Thinking Out Loud who is the first to actually link both of my main blogs on her site (honourable mention to Kieran who linked my sports blog when I had one).

LONGEVITY : I am still reeling from the news that actor Christopher Lee aka Count Dooku and Soroman is currently in his – wait for it – EIGHTY-FOURTH year of life. I’m tellin ya, if I’m half as active as he is at that age I won’t be complaining!

BUSHBASHING: You gotta love the way Dubya talks his way into dilemmas. Having continuously espoused the merits of democracy in the Middle East, he must now face the uncertain future posed by Hamas’ incredible victory in the Palestinian elections. It will be interesting to see how the Israelis respond.

GOOGLING : Latest phrases to lead people here include …

“hossenfeffer german meaning”

“photograph of mr pat rabbitte”

“odd looking chairs”

"letterman o'reilly crap"

I hope they all found what they were looking for.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

i'm back!

They say you can't keep a good man down - well I've news for ya folks, ya can't keep me down either!

Yeah I know it has only been two weeks so maybe I should downgrade the break from "sabbatical" to "vacation", but whatever way I want to spin it, I have to finally concede that I'm a fully fledged blogaholic and put an end to all the denial once and for all!

Now that I have reached that stage of acceptance, I plan to get back on the writing horse. I'll kick-off with the "bitesize bullets" on Monday as before and take it from there.

Thank you all for still dropping by while I was gone; just because I wasn't writing doesn't mean I wasn't checking my stats!

Saturday, January 14, 2006


I have busy times ahead, which although they will be expensive and sometimes even head-wrecking, will hopefully be ultimately fruitful.

And so I need to minimize my distractions, and so I have decided my blogging must be a casualty for the time being. At best it will be a couple of weeks till I post again; at worst, a couple of months.

If you want to check out my older stuff, I have it organised on my portfolio blog.

Otherwise, thank you for dropping by, and I hope to be back in the swing of things soon.

Friday, January 13, 2006

where flattery does get you

Shaggy IX > Paige A Harrison

One thing is for sure when it comes to being a blogger – if you can’t take criticism, you shouldn’t be doing it.

In fact, I find one of the benefits of inhabiting the Blogosphere has been to hear different takes on what you have to say on life, the universe and everything.

Now don’t get me wrong – it’s much better to have someone stop by and leave a comment telling you how wonderful you and your writing is, but if that was all you were ever getting, you may start to wonder just how genuine they were being. Getting the odd curveball tossed into your comment section is what makes it all worthwhile.

The purpose for my regular “Shaggy” award is to acknowledge my fellow bloggers in my own way. I have decided to make it a monthly occurrence for it has been rather erratic up to now.

So without any further ado I would like to announce that The Ninth Shagadelic Contribution To Blogland Award goes to Paige A Harrison over at “blankpaiges” for her recent post “Education Is Such A Pain In The Back”.

Paige is a regular visitor to my Irish blog and can always be relied upon to leave her two cents behind whether she agrees or not, and that has to be applauded.

This award, however, is totally deserved by the post itself in its own right. Though it’s relatively short in length, Paige does an excellent job of setting the scene for something she observed while strolling through St Stephens Green in Dublin recently. She even pays another blogger (ironically RedMum, the previous winner of this award) the courtesy of adding a link to her photos to accompany the story.

Bravo, Paige, and if you don’t mind accepting an award from a Bleeding Heart Liberal that makes you livid [ok now I will let it go I promise ;-)], take a bow.

Previous Winners :

I > Shandi – “Who says you can’t have the fairytale?"

II > Dol – “Corporate Whore!

III > Buffalo – “Bangkok

IV > Mike Todd – “Et tu, Mike?

V > John - “You Are Not Alone, I Self Harm Too

VI > Michèle - “Toyota Pickup vs. The Monte Carlo

VII > Shan - “Panic Stations

VIII > Red Mum - “The Last Time I Saw You

Monday, January 09, 2006

bitesize bullets


PROGRESS : It was with great trepidation that I stood on the scales yesterday, to discover I had only put on six pounds in the four weeks since I last posted about my weightloss quest. Now I’m back on my regime, hopefully I won’t be long in losing that and then some.

TUNES : What do buy the man who has everything for Christmas? Music store vouchers! Among my purchases this year were the impressive debut album from Kaiser Chiefs [imagine a cross between Oasis and Madness], plus Eminem’s Greatest Hits [I was annoyed the song ‘Mosh’ was nowhere to be seen]

#1 : My First New Year’s Resolution was to reward myself with a week’s grace from commencing my 2006 ones for having done so well on my 2005 ones. They come into effect today.

GERMANY : 2006 is a World Cup year, everyone, so be prepared to have the pants bored off you by this particular soccer-mad blogger over the coming months, even if my Boys In Green didn’t make it! At least my boys in red, white and blue are there for me to follow!

#2 : My Second New Year’s Resolution is about being a wise-ass. I have a tendency to look for a joke or smart comment when it isn’t appropriate. It’s high time I appeciate not everyone shares my sense of humour and did something about it. That doesn't apply to my blog, however!

LABEL : Thanks to Coyote over at Howl @ The Moon for blogging about the Whackiest Label of the Year awards, the first prize of which went to the makers of a heatgun for the crucial public safety inscription : “Do Not Use As Hairdryer!”

#3 : My Third New Year’s Resolution is to make my food/exercise regime, which was so successful towards the end of last year, my standard regime so I don’t even feel the need to blog about it anymore.

NARNIA : Brought the kids to see Narnia yesterday. It was clearly an attempt by Disney to cash in on the Lord of the Rings hysteria, and they made a reasonably good job of it. I wouldn’t mind a bit of whatever CS Lewis was smoking when he dreamt up this tale!

#4 : My Fourth and Final New Year’s Resolution is to find a happy medium with my blogging obsession. Over my two blogs, never more than one post per day, never more than half an hour taken up in a day, and 2-3 posts per week on each, are the targets.

GOOGLING : Latest phrases to lead people here include …

“pampering myself”

“john spencer secret gay”

“backyard nudity”

“m one 6”

and of course…

“the one that b** e****** did for a laugh two weeks ago that I didn’t write down”

I hope they all found what they were looking for.

Friday, January 06, 2006

ironically, sixty is a conservative estimate

“I'm not smart enough to debate you point to point on this, but I have the feeling, I have the feeling about 60 percent of what you say is crap.”

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s only the first week of 2006 and we already have a prime candidate for Quote Of The Year.

What you see above is pretty much the perfect wording of what one side of opinion in the USA these days would like to say to the other; sort of a "BushBashers' Creed" if you will. Sure, it has taken them a long time to say it, but when it was finally delivered, it packed one hell of a punch.

The paradoxical genius in the wording of the quote is in the reference to personal intellectual shortcomings, which has often actually been used in rhetoric by no less than Dubya himself to court American popular opinion.

It was said by David Letterman, a cultural icon in his own right for his innovative weeknight talk show, to Bill O’Reilly, bigwig broadcaster from FoxNews and renowned poster child for right wing American media.

All in all it was the kind of discussion that I’m sure was held all over America around Christmastime as families came together and people with polar opposite views were virtually forced into the same room together and could not resist bringing up the Iraq debate.

Now don’t get me wrong – this does not mean O’Reilly took a beating on the night by a long chalk. It was quite amusing to google the two protagonists’ names and see as many post titles from blogs reading “O’Reilly-1 Letterman-0” as there were vice versa.

One little faux pas I noticed was when Bill was being challenged on the BushAdmin’s poor intelligence before going into Iraq. He came back with the age old argument that it wasn’t just the Yanks that had the dodgy info, and he referred to the British intelligence agency as M“one”6 as opposed to M“I”6. Maybe he had his own prep work done for him by the C“one”A.

You can read a full transcript of the dialogue plus a link to video clips here.