Friday, December 16, 2005

taking it to the next level

Shaggy VIII > Red Mum

What do you say to people when they ask you what blogging is all about and why you are so involved in it?

“What – is it like a chatroom?”

“No, not at all, it’s, er, kind of like an online diary...”

“A diary? So you let other people read your diary? Ew – I couldn’t do that!”

But even that doesn’t explain it properly. Having a blog is like having a kid or driving a car – it’s very difficult to explain to someone who hasn’t done it.

Another thing that lies in the way of giving a good explanation is that you may be a little reserved in stating the REAL reason you have your own blog.

“Actually, I happen to think I’m a pretty good writer, and blogging gives me the opportunity to prove it.”

I would have a fair hunch that although the above may be a major contributor to most people’s motivation, we don’t tell people that because it would then lead to their checking out our work to see if our arrogance was justified.

BUT – what if your blogging landed you a regular gig with a local newspaper? Methinks you would then be shouting it from the rooftops!

So to both finally acknowledge someone from the links on my Irish blog, and to commemorate her well deserved column, (plus of course displaying a touch of good-natured envy) I would like to award the Eighth Shagadelic Contribution to Blogland Award (aka “The Shaggy”) to Red Mum from her blog of the same name, in particular for her touching tribute post from Father’s Day entitled “The Last Time I Saw You”.

Though the main feature of her posts is her ongoing tussles with her teenage daughter (to whom she refers rather affectionately as “The Young Wan”), Red Mum is not one to dwell on the one topic ad nauseum by any means, and she often uses her keen interest in photography to fashion an entertaining post out of something that may have caught her eye during the day.

I doubt I would find myself alone in congratulating her for taking her blogging to the next level, and although her column may be the holy grail for many of us, I suspect it may not be the end of her literary journey.

Bravo, Red Mum, take a bow.

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KnackeredKaz said...

Very well deserved! Bravo Red Mum! As a regular reader of The Echo (a fine paper if I do say so myself) I'm enjoying Red Mum's weekly offerings there as well as on her blog. Keep it up!

And Ps, between you and me JL, not only is Red Mum a fantastic writer and blogger...she's also a bit of a stunna too....nod nod, wink wink!

Red Mum said...

Ah gee I'm delighted, the shaggy award - do I get a wee button to include on my page:)

Seriously thanks for the very kind words - you're making me blush, both of you!