Friday, November 04, 2005

tell us something we don't know

Here's a handy blogging tip for you all.

Should you ever enter with an arrangement with a group of friends that you meet up on the first Thursday of every month for a few sociable beverages, you are advised not to inform them that you have a blog of your own.

The reason for this, as I discovered last night, is that you find your have precious little to say for yourself.

"Yeah, so I've been on this diet, and so far I've lost..."

"Fifteen pounds! Yeah, I read that on Monday, well done!"

"Er, yeah, thanks. Well - did I tell you about Sandra's..."

" Yes, that was a shame, tell her we were asking for her."

"Of course I will! Er - so, what's new with you guys?"

Maybe next month I'll start making stuff up...

It was a good night nonetheless, by the way. It's so easy to lose touch with people I'm glad we've managed to keep this regular event going for so long.

I have also been requested to make it clear that we do NOT visit lapdancing clubs on the nights in question. The bundles of 5-euro notes we bring with us are purely for the benefit of the lounge staff in the Stillorgan Orchard who have trouble making change.
Have I said too much, B** E******?


Benny K said...

I can sympathize with this. I've found I generally don't promote my blog to people I know in "real life," unless they're extremely close. That way they won't mind (and may even enjoy) hearing the same story twice.

James Howard Shott said...

No lap dancing, eh? Yeah, yeah. I've heard it all before.

shandi said...

I have given my blog address to 5 of my closest friends at work. Now, they all read it AT WORK, where the address can be pulled up by the I.T. guys. This can not only get me written up, but... I have also found that I have nothing to talk about. "Ohhh yeah, I already read about that on Friday." I also find myself posting material that while I and my work buddies may find entertaining, are actually private jokes between us... where the rest of the blogworld has no idea what I'm referring to.