Monday, November 28, 2005

bitesize bullets


PROGRESS : Every four weeks we leave out a “green bin” to be collected which is full of cardboard and newspapers for recycling. I noticed the latest one was half as full as it normally is. Why is that? No pizza boxes! Two more pounds gone, making it 23 in six weeks.

PICTURE : I had to change my “bitesize” pic because apparently the website from which I got the last one is no longer on the web. I hope the new one isn’t too girly!

BEST : Football/soccer lost one of its greatest ever players last Friday with the death of George Best, who played for Manchester United, Northern Ireland and even Los Angeles in his day. Rather than the traditional minute’s silence at games last weekend, they opted for the fitting tribute of a minute’s applause.

TRAGEDY : Much like football’s most worn out cliché, Best’s life was itself a “game of two halves”. I can only hope the tragic alcoholism that was his eventual undoing can be a lesson to those responsible for the latest batch of superstars like Wayne Rooney in the years to come.

POTTER : Brought my son to “Goblet of Fire” yesterday. I thought everything about the film was impressive except for the continuity. Seemingly it was the longest book of the series, and you can tell as the story moves too quickly for those who haven’t read the book. Still, he loved it.

BUSHBASHING: Why bother using speculative stuff like the Libby and Rove affairs to slag off Bush when he provides you with material himself? My caption for this vintage pic : “Gee whiz, my daddy always told me this job would OPEN doors!!!”

LINK : This week’s link shout-out goes to Rua over at A Little Lipstick.... Glad you liked what you saw here enough to stick me on your blogroll, I’m happy to do likewise.

WONDER : If prostitution is the world’s oldest profession, what did their first customers do for a living in order to be able to pay them? Questions like these keep me up at night you know!!!

MACHA : I usually switch off baseball news once my Oakland Athletics fall out of contention, but I was delighted to hear Ken Macha changed his mind and decided to stay on as coach after pulling us out of an early season slump to achieve 88 wins in 2005.

GOOGLING : Latest phrases to lead people here include …

“jl fan clubs”*

“got to pee”

“family guy a chicken on every table and a cap in every ass”

“elderly nod off”

“game on matthew I want shag cos that my bag”

I hope they all found what they were looking for.

* = unfortunately that does not refer to me; apparently it’s some American soap star!


Anna said...

methinks football lost Georgie Best a long time before he died, but you know that...

American Asshat said...

Geese are good to eat said the square module!

Rua said...

Allo there lovey,
Many thanks and keep writing. I love visiting your site. Now as for that burning question...Sheep herders and goat farmers were raking in the big bucks. I think the first women of prostitution took goat pelts as payment!