Tuesday, November 08, 2005

bitesize bullets


PROGRESS : Honeymoon period is over for my diet it seems – last week saw no weight lost, but on the plus side no weight gained. I think I probably had a beer too many over the weekend which would account for this. There will definitely be a loss next week..

MOTHER : I have made it no secret here that my mother and I have had a difference or six lately. Hopefully, the fact that she has booked flights to spend three weeks here over Christmas will give us a chance to thrash things out. I’ll keep you posted.

RIOTS : As disturbing as the pictures of the riots in poor areas of France may seem to most, they play differently in Ireland, where even during a so-called “peace process” we are desensitized to news of chaos on the streets. It does however remind us of our growing immigrant population here.

FORCE : Ah, my DVD collection finally has its missing piece – Episode III of Star Wars now fills the gap in the roman numeral sequence that has made me cringe for years. I hate the way Lucas puts the deleted scenes seperately on the DVD – why not incorporate them into the movie?

DEBATE : Congratulations to all at NBC for bravely staging a live debate on The West Wing between fictional candidates Matt Santos (Jimmy Smits) and Arnie Vinick (Alan Alda). Santos’ “proud to be liberal” speech made me glad I had published my similar post that morning or you’d think I was plagarizing!

6FU : Speaking of TV drama, the last ever episode of Six Feet Under finally screened here last week.. Having already seen it (if I told you how I’d have to kill you) it was a relief for me to be able to discuss it with fellow fans of the groundbreaking show.

CLIMB : If you are into travel you have to check out Alan’s site “Random Burblings”. From what I can make out he’s a Scotsman that used to live in Ireland and who is currently trekking up and down the Himalayas, somehow managing to blog complete with snaps as he goes.

LINK : Thanks to MirrorPlebe for being the latest to link my blog, I’m happy to return the favour.

FORMAT : I plan to radically cut back my posting as of next week. You won’t notice too much difference here, though, as I have been concentrating on developing my Irish blog for the past few months. I hope to do just one post per day alternating between the two sites.

GOOGLING : Latest phrases to lead googlers to my blog include …

“ i want to see a good shag”,
“how to get rubber bit guards on bits”,
“little britain fancy dress”,
“how i lost my virginity stories”,and
“baileys irish coffee in the morning”.

I hope they all found what they were looking for.


James Howard Shott said...

RE: Diet - Maybe what works for me will also work for you. I can drop a few pounds by just eating less of whatever I normally eat, without even watching calories and/or fat grams.

RE: Debate - I thought that was a very good program. I didn't care much for Santos' "liberal" point (big surprize!), but I'd give an oscar to Alan Alda (yeah, I know. You don't get Oscars for TV) who very convincingly argued conservative points with which (I'd bet a lot) he adamantly disagrees!

Mike Todd said...

Dude, I totally did NOT find my little Britain fancy dress here. Did find some quality entertainment, though.