Sunday, October 16, 2005

sex, drugs and flatlining

These days, when the Rolling Stones say they're playing "Live", they need a disclaimer.

Check out this story from Ananova's Quirky files...

Stones tour with heart machine

The Rolling Stones have a heart machine reportedly backstage in case one collapses on their US tour.

Organisers have brought in a defibrillator, used to shock the heart back into a normal rhythm.

According to The Sun quoting US magazine Globe a source said: "With all four band members now veterans, their managers are not taking any chances."

A spokesman for the band said: "I've never seen a defibrillator backstage."

Looks like Jack Flash can't do that much jumpin anymore!

Rumour has it that if Jagger decides to body surf, a roadie will have to do it with him to carry his IV drip.

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Heidi said...

LOL Thanks for the laugh, JL!