Monday, October 31, 2005

bitesize bullets


JESSIE : Ten years ago when my fiancée was still living at home they got a golden retriever puppy. Sadly, Jessie had to be put down last week, as the poor thing was in a lot of pain. It made for a rough weekend for all the family.

PROGRESS : On the good news front, Sunday’s weigh in shows a loss of – drumroll – FIFTEEN POUNDS in two weeks of my new regime. If you knew me, you‘d know I wouldn’t lie about this. What it really goes to show is how much excess I had to lose.

LINKING : I’d like to thank both Tweet Petite and Driver^ for linking me on their blogs recently, having supposedly found me through my regular Liberal digest, BlondeSense.

BUSHBASHING : He’s tripping up so often these days that it almost seems pointless to criticize him. My fellow blogger Alan made the very poignant suggestion that it is all a ploy for the GOP to distance itself from him to get the next guy/gal in. I reckon he has a point.

HOPE : I have always been a glass-half-empty person on the conflict in Northern Ireland, but even I have to find some hope for the future as more and more paramilitary organizations on both sides make public declarations to end their campaigns of violence.

JOEY : I have let roughly a season and a half of the Friends spin-off sitcom run before I pass judgement on my blog and here is my verdict : though it has it’s moments, I think “Joey” is exactly one sixth as good as the show from whence it came.

TRICK… : …is what I always plump for when given the age-old option at this time of year, as I could be described as the Ebenezer Scrooge of Hallowe’en. Shan has an amusing take on the ritual over on her blog.

ADVICE : Since I seem to be all about links this week, I may as well add this one – Shandi has some valuable pearls of wisdom to pass on, complete with evidence of the potential consequences of non-compliance with same.

SPAM : I can normally take spam with a pinch of salt [no pun intended], but lately I have been receiving numerous emails containing gibberish from a series of addresses like, where the x’s could be any combination of letters. If you have been getting them too, please let me know.

GOOGLING : Latest phrases to lead googlers to my blog include …

“fried chicken and biscuit-eatin monkey, ape, baboon lyric”,
“irish mermaid drawing”,
“rugby players shag story”,
“the grudge throat noise”,
“McDonalds curry dipping sauce”,
“11 years old bitesize“, and
“pilots always shag”.

I hope they all found what they were looking for.


shandi said...

Sorry to hear about Jessie.
Thanks for the link.
I have gotten a lot of spam for penis enlargement kits and viagra... I have no idea why. But so far, no " I finally gave in to word verification.

Mr. Middle America said...

"fried chicken and biscuit-eatin monkey, ape, baboon..."

It's just crazy as to what we earthlings look for on the Internet.

Anna said...

G'wan ya good ting!