Monday, October 24, 2005

bitesize bullets


PROGRESS : In the first six days of my health regime, I lost all of TEN pounds. Granted, I pigged out the weekend before starting so there was a lot to lose, but I’m all about accentuating the positives these days, so the party line is “so far so good”.

CONCLUDING : I’m coming close to the end of my series of 1000 word essays on my life to date. Since I started doing so back in March I’ve kind of built this blog around those posts – I’m planning a new “quality over quantity” approach after I’m done.

BASEBALL : I’m not so much a baseball fan as an Oakland A’s fan, so I won’t be following the World Series too closely. I was disappointed to hear A’s coach Ken Macha had resigned after leading us from 15 games under .500 to 14 over in a topsy-turvy 2005 campaign.

MOCKERY : Was anyone surprised at Saddam Hussein’s ability to stall his trial moments after it began? Didn’t think so.

WILMA : Here’s hoping that Mother Nature runs out of storms before the people that come up with the names for them have to go back to the start the alphabet. It has been a terrible time for the USA’s gulf coast – not just the devastation but the perpetual dread of more.

CAMERON : It’s becoming increasingly likely that the Conservatives, a British political party previously associated with the older generation and family values, is about to elect a 39-year old who chooses not to answer the “did-you-smoke-pot-in-college” question. It would be interesting to see David Cameron up against Blair or even Gordon Brown.

PARROT : I sure hope the discovery of this bird flu in a dead parrot in Britain isn’t so serious that we should not use it as an excuse to refer to the famous Monty Python sketch.

RABBIT : We went to see "Wallace and Gromit : The Curse of the Were-Rabbit” yesterday, and I thoroughly recommend it – it’s got something for everyone, even a few sly innuendos for the grownups. The short cartoon with the penguins from the movie “Madagascar” that preceeded it was a nice bonus too.

SOLVED : Thanks to Chris Allison for helping me solve my vegetarian mystery. I’m still receiving up to a quarter of my hits for this page. Seemingly a thumbnail of the pic appears when you Image Search the word “vegetarian” and there follows a curiosity as to what the bubbles say.

GOOGLING : Latest phrases to lead googlers to my blog include … “stories of self worth”, “pampering women”, “paddy irishman”, “how to give your man a good shag” and “I need to have a shag tonight”. I hope they all found what they were looking for.

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Heidi said...

Congrats on the 10 lbs, JL! That's great! Both Saddam's behavior and the hurricane madness is sad and unfortunate. The reference to MP, cracked me up, and I really want to see Wallace and Gromit's latest adventure... I like your bite-size bullets. LOL, I just typed the word bullets with the l's and t's reversed. It is sad I am so easily amused. Which has nothing to do with my liking this post, btw. ;)