Sunday, September 25, 2005

it's curtains for this lord

It may not have much to do with the story, but I just HAD to post this pic! My caption : "The Scots Guard show off their crack troops" .

I always thought that when you got into the British House of Lords you were there for life, but according to this nugget from the Reuters Oddly Enough files, even they can be – ahem – fired!

British Labor Party lord jailed for starting blaze

LONDON (Reuters) - A British lord was sentenced to 16 months in jail on Thursday for deliberately starting a blaze in a hotel and endangering lives after a boozy awards dinner in the Scottish capital, Edinburgh.

Mike Watson, who represented Prime Minister Tony Blair's Labor Party in the House of Lords and the Scottish parliament, pleaded guilty to setting light to a curtain in the hotel following a Scottish Politician of the Year awards ceremony on November 12 last year.

During his trial, the court was shown closed circuit television footage of a figure dressed in a kilt, crouching at the base of the curtain which moments later burst into flames.

The figure was shown placing something in his sporran, the pouch which Scots traditionally wear over their kilts. The prosecution alleged it was a box of matches.

Watson's lawyer accepted his client had drunk "more than was wise" on the evening in question.

More than was wise, eh? Ya think?

I wonder is his favourite poet Robert Burns?

Having all that scotch on the premises can't have helped the firemen do their job.

Of course, for Scotsmen, starting the fire wasn’t his biggest crime, it was probably causing about £5,000 worth of damage that was earned him the harshest penalty.

I just hope he didn’t try to use his kilt to fan the flames when he realized what he’d done! Talk about great balls of fire!


shandi said...

I love this photo. It reminds me of this joke about 2 nuns, a drunk kilt-clad scottsman , and a blue ribbon. Great joke, but I screw up the accent everytime.

Anna said...

Och! What an arse!