Friday, September 16, 2005

crash bang wallop

Well, I had a piece done all about the Lance Armstrong situation and I was quite proud of it if I do say so myself. When my kids went to sleep last night I typed it up on my laptop.

This morning I tried to transfer it from my laptop to my PC, which is normally a simple procedure involving a floppy disk. Alas, this was not be the case.

The least of my worries is that I cannot for the life of me open the file with the post. The worst of them is that my PC has crashed and will not run Windows for love nor money.

At least I have this laptop, and I decided to spend what little time I have today setting this up to use the internet before tackling the PC on my own before bringing it to a store where I presume I will have to leave it for two weeks before I even get a response.

That's the good thing about blogging though - even when you have a catastrophe that prevents you from doing it, you can still do it by relating the story of the catastrophe.

Writing that last sentence gave me a headache, I'm sure reading it does too, sorry about that.

Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly.


Anna said...

Hard luck Jeff! Hope it gets fixed quick.

Garry said...

Flickr's good too - means my best photos are saved if I have a home PC or laptop crash.

James Howard Shott said...

Ain't computers wonderful?

You can't live with them and you can't live without them!!!

122272 said...

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