Monday, September 19, 2005

a chancellor would be a fine thing

Apparently these two working together would be like the Democrats and the GOP sharing cabinet posts between them – yeah, THAT bad…

What I know about German politics you could write on the back of a coaster in a Bavarian beer hall. Not that it’s going to stop me giving my zwei cents, though!

So the incumbent Gerhard Schroeder is from the Social Democrats, and Andrea Merkel is from the Christian Democrats. I suppose my personal ideology would have me leaning towards the former.

Yet it seems the German electorate has posed its lawmakers quite a puzzle with its final decision. What exactly is the mandate, if indeed there is one?

Although my views are to the left, I’d have to say that if a sitting leader can’t get a conclusive result from a general election, perhaps it’s time for change.

The most striking feature of this story for me is an overwhelming sense of irony with regard to the way these results are being viewed by the international community.

From all I can make out from the various news agencies, it would appear that the rest of Europe is very eager for the people of Germany to unite behind one strong leader so that they can bring along sweeping reforms to give the country both social and economic stability.

Am I mistaken or was that also the case back in the 30’s, and how did THAT turn out?

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