Wednesday, September 21, 2005

because it happens


Why is television drama improved by the use of swear words in the dialogue?

Because it happens.

Why is television drama improved by tackling the issue of how we handle death?

Because it happens.

Why is television drama improved by portraying a homosexual relationship as a real thing that exists between two people as opposed to a camp parody that we normally see?

Because it happens.

And why is a telvision drama improved by seeing humour in events that occur in people's lives even though it appears that they have been totally turned to shit?

Yes, you guessed it.

As sad as I am that Six Feet Under has aired its final episode (on American TV at least), I am happy it came to a conclusion for two reasons - (1) we have seen many times how a show can be ruined by overstaying its welcome on our screens, and (2) the fact that it comes to a definite conclusion underlines the show's very own theme that all things must come to an end, be they good or bad.

Congratulations, Alan Ball and co, for television drama at its finest.

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