Monday, August 01, 2005

what would you do

It’s a “Bank Holiday” here – a bit like America’s Labor Day but we have about six of them during the year. It’s basically an excuse for the country to shut down for a week, for everyone stops working after the Wednesday leading into a Bank Holiday Weekend, and doesn’t go back until the following Wednesday at the earliest. Some may say that is a questionable work ethic, but that all depends on whether you live to work or work to live.

What if by chance you didn’t have to work anymore? Check out the story below. Everyone in Ireland is asking that question this weekend. I may as well honour this day of rest by joining in.

Limerick woman scoops €113m jackpot

A 45-year-old Limerick woman has won Europe's largest ever lottery jackpot.

Dolores McNamara from Ballysimon stands to collect €113 million after winning the Euromillions rollover jackpot prize.

Ms McNamara was in the Track Bar in Limerick last night when she checked her Euromillions lottery ticket to find that she had all five numbers drawn as well as the two Lucky Star numbers needed to take the jackpot.

The jackpot had not been won since May and had been rolled over nine times.

According to a reliable source, the jackpot total is equivalent to $137,745,787.33 give or take. I’d probably take.

That’s all for one person.

For choosing some numbers.

She can well afford to not care if I call her a “lucky cow”.

The lucky cow.

Me? Reasonably sized house here in Dublin, apartment in London, apartment in San Francisco.

Bank the rest and live on the interest.

OK, maybe one nice car.

For everyone I know.

But that would definitely be that.

Well, maybe a 100-inch flat screen TV that comes down from the ceiling.

And a full size snooker table.

But that would definitely be that.

After the swimming pool is finished of course.

I should stop now.


Buffalo said...

Close down for a WEEK?

fairygirl701 said...

Man, I need to move to Ireland!

I think I would pay off all my bills, pay off and fix up my house, help out my family, then invest the rest. I would like to then get a job like at McDonald's and do an experiment where I would secretly give money to those who I thought worthy or in need. Just to see how people act and reward good behavior.

Michèle said...

I love to dream about this. I would like to think I would do altruistic things with the money, but honestly I think once it was in my hands I would be really tempted to spend most of it on myself. Anybody got a hundred million dollars to give me so we can find out?

Seriously, though, I would buy a nice house and car and hire a housekeeper and a lawn maintenance person. And I would probably purchase a bunch of other things and hire a bunch of other people too. But I would spread some of the wealth to my friends and family . . . SOME of the wealth . . .

Mike Todd said...

Dude, everyone would be hitting you up for the rest of your life. You'd be a walking ATM. That would suck. The first thing I'd buy is a top-notch electric dog fence, and nice diamond-studded collars for everyone I know. Then I'd build a silo for my gold coins and swim around in them.

shandi said...

Okay... what would I do with the winnings???
I would hire a construction crew, bull-doze the trailer park I grew up in, after having evicted all the crank whores and addicts, then put up a beutiful summer cottage next to the river. I'd put my mom up in the cottage to spend her golden years.
Then... I would hire a nanny and tutor and travel the world with my kids while painting all the interesting characters I would meet along the way.
But... since I can't bring myself to play the lotto, guess it ain't never gonna happen. Ehhhh, oh well!