Friday, August 05, 2005

the bomb

[I have already posted these lyrics on this blog before, but since it is almost 20 years since I wrote them, and almost 60 since the event in question, I thought it would be poignant to post them again. I’ll have more to say on it tomorrow.]

The scene at Buckingham Palace gate
In London, 1945
The people of England celebrate
They’re all amazed they’re still alive
But cast your eyes to the other side
of the world, where war is still waged
An emperor who can’t swallow his pride
A president who won’t calm his rage

Harry goes into the conference hall
Can he survive through one more day?
In three months he thought he’d seen it all
Till an army commander gets up to say
“Mr President I’m afraid our boys
would die in their thousands if war goes on”
Harry says “Then, we’ve got no choice.
Go ahead and drop the bomb.”

So many people know it was wrong
And our cries are much too late
But the fact that we’ve been fighting for years
Doesn’t mean that there’s no room for change

The man on the radio does his job
The news they’d all been waiting for
He says they’ve built a great new bomb
Its purpose is to end the war
Mother looks up from her knitting and prays
“Maybe our son will be home someday!”
Daddy looks up from his paper and says
“Maybe at last those Japs will pay.”

One man got more power
Than he could ever need
An evil that was born with fear
And driven on by greed
But we can’t just say it’s all his fault
For we all must take the blame
From world wars to family rows
When will we see they’re all the same?

Now the runway’s clear and the engines roar
Enola soars into the sky
Waiting to release her load
She doesn’t care how many humans die
Now what you’re witnessing is the destruction
Of the Land of the Rising Sun
It’s amazing how the lives of millions
Are put into the hands of one

It may be hard for me to complain
Since I wasn’t even there
But it’s not to hard to feel the pain
And I’d be foolish not to care
If it was only there to make the “peace”
Then the killing has just begun
It all happened as a war was won
It all happened on the day they dropped the bomb

© JL Pagano 1985

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Buffalo said...

Good work.

I don't agree it was wrong to drop the bomb. I do believe it brought a quicker end to the war.

I also think it graphically defined the horror of nuculear weapons. It graphically demonstrate why they should never be considered a viable option.

James Howard Shott said...

On this Buffalo and I agree. Thousands of Japanese lives were lost due to the bombs, but thousands of allied lives were saved because the war ended quickly thereafter.

Knowing the power of atomic/nuclear weapons has been a good lesson for humanity.

JL Pagano said...

To Buffalo and Mr S,

Having read both of your blogs I appreciate how much you both love your country and I totally respect the fact that you each greatly wish to spin this event in history in such a way as to claim that it was actually wholly beneficial to mankind in general.

I'm sure you won't be surprised if I respectfully disagree.

I will elucidate more in my next post.