Friday, August 12, 2005

…and what do you get? “busted!”

Gimme a “Q”… now a “U”… now an “I” … an “R”… now a K… and a “Y”…

What have you got? This nugget from Ananova’s Quirky files…

Cheerleaders help nab motorist

A group of cheerleaders who saw a driver speed off after causing a pile-up turned his number plate into a cheer.

The Lincoln High School varsity cheerleading squad didn't have a pen handy when they saw the smash near the University of Michigan campus.

So they did what comes naturally by chanting the car registration in unison to remember it, reports the Ann Arbor News.

Senior captain Kimmie Ostrowski led the nine-member squad's impromptu performance until the police arrived.

My first reaction – maybe it seemed like a good idea at the time and of course I’m delighted it worked, but isn’t a group of teenage girls wearing skirts dancing by the side of the road more liable to CAUSE a pile up than it is to report someone for creating one?

More power to them all the same.


Anonymous said...

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Veronica said...

That so sounds like a plot for a terrible movie.

Buffalo said...

No freakin way, Jeff. You're making up this shit. No, maybe not. Not even you are inventive enough to do that.