Tuesday, July 05, 2005

oh to be like mike

Shaggy IV > Mike Todd

It was recently suggested that I needed a sense of humour transplant (I’m just gonna go ahead and start spelling it “humour” – I’ve exhausted my Thesaurus before now out of respect to my American readers – just get used to the “u”, please!), so I figured it’s about time I paid tribute to a blog which actually does get the sides of my mouth turning upwards on a regular basis.

Blogland is great for many different reasons – it can inspire you, it can put a new spin on something you firmly believe in, it can shed new light on something you believed not to be the case, it can get you riled up that someone can be so bold as to have a view that differs from yours, and, once in a while, it can make you laugh.

Of all the blogs I’ve seen, I know of only one that I can repeatedly go back to and know I can relax and take it all in without fear of having my beliefs trampled on and yet still be able to let all previous tramplings be swept away on a wave of hilarity.

So without any further ado (man that word looks weird when written dunnit – oh wait, these parenthises count as further ado don’t they? I’d better close ‘em) … without any MORE further ado that is, I’d like to award The Fourth Shagadelic Contribution To Blogland Award to Mike Todd over at “Just Humo[u]r Me”.

Have you ever gone to the furniture store, or hung out with some relatives, or had nightmare with the plumbing in your house, and seen them all as events which were at best humdrum and at worst mind-numbingly frustrating? Somehow, Mike manages to take these occurrences and fashion them into hilarious posts which double as contributions to “the venerable Conshohocken Recorder” amongst other publications. I was going to suggest you try and say the name of that town ten times fast, but I can’t even do it once!!!

I have chosen his post “Et tu, Mike?” as a sampler for you, but do by all means peruse his entire blog, and then set your diaries to catch his weekly column, which he generally publishes on a Monday. And don’t miss his Good Frickin Picture Wednesdays, either. You won’t argue with the title.

Just wait and see; Mike himself will no doubt leave a hilarious comment on this post to show you just what I mean! No pressure, man...honest...

Previous Winners :

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-ms jumbled mind- said...

we use the "U" here in Malaysia too.. :) because we were under the British in the past

Heidi said...

off to check out mike's blog... thanks for pointing me in his direction. I could really use a laugh today!

shandi said...

Very good choice!!
His story about the car keys was hysterical as well.
Check out the latest comments under "good frick'n picture wednesday". The keystroke art is awesome. He and Jared... too funny.

Mike Todd said...

Dude! JL, honestly, I can't take any credit at all for your impeccable taste in bloggery.

Much thanks, man. To celebrate my Shaggy award, I suppose I'll have to go shag myself now.

Jim said...

What Shandi said. And congrats to Mike.

PrashantBatra said...

JL - I come from mikes blog... good show mikeee - shag(y) IV award.. we encourage u to just do it ;)

Randi said...

i came from mikes site, and what you said is very nice and sooooooo true!!!!

fairygirl701 said...

I'll have to check him out!