Sunday, July 03, 2005

millstone, u.s.a.

I was headed down Interstate 9
And I could not find my way
That’s when I saw the sign
“Now Entering Millstone, U.S.A”

There was reason to celebrate
And at first I couldn’t work out why
That’s when I checked the date
And saw it was always the Fourth of July

There was bunting and banners all round
Pride in the land that their fathers did found
An elderly couple walked up to me
A smile in their eyes as they said unto me

They said; “We were wondering what could be holding you back?”

Hey, check out that TV show!
Live footage of America’s greatest crime!
Hey, check out that mixing bowl!
It slices, it dices, it even tells you the time!

I was so overwhelmed by it all
Even the price of a long distance call
I thought about how sad my life had been
With all of these wonders that I’d never seen

And I started wondering what could be holding me back

I was enthralled with what I learned
Of great battles and heroes to admire
Independence that was truly earned
An amazing history that could not but inspire

So I started to talk of my home
I had several legends and tales of my own
That’s when I noticed the crowd around me
The looks in their eyes served to astound me

If indifference was atmosphere
Then I could feel a storm brewing that night
I guess they just didn’t want to hear
About places out of mind and out of sight

Now I’m wondering what can be holding them back?

And so I got back on Interstate 9
Glad I had finally found my way
I just smiled as I passed the sign
“Thanks for visiting Millstone, USA”

© JL Pagano 1994

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