Saturday, July 23, 2005

going for a thong

I’m a little bit concerned that so many of the Ananova Quirky stories come from Germany…

A German builder admitted stealing hundreds of pairs of ladies' knickers because he likes to wear them for work.

Police arrested the 23-year-old for stealing pants from neighbours' washing lines after he was trapped by one of his victims.

Ingrid Volkmann, 53, had her hubby install a motion sensor under the washing line to catch the thief.

After he was arrested, the man reportedly told police:

"I like wearing women's knickers to work but was too embarrassed to buy any myself, which is why I took my neighbours."

What’s more disturbing here – the fact he was robbing the panties or the fact that someone went to the lengths of “installing a motion sensor” (what-can you pick them up at Germany's answer to K-Mart?) on their washing line?


Heidi said...

LOL thanks for the laugh, JL.

alley rat said...

someone once stole a pair of my undies from the laundromat on campus.years later, after we had become friends, he confessed that he'd seen me drop them, taken them, and started wearing them around.

shandi said...

This is more prevalent than you would think. Once upon a time, I was dating someone who I think was gradually stealing my entire collection. I thought my washing washine was resposible.. you know how it loves to eat one out of every pair of socks. Anyway... I found my collection in his posession some time later. HMMM SICKO!!!

Mr. Middle America said...

That's just hilarious! Sad? Yes, Sad! But hilarious!