Thursday, June 02, 2005

twas only a matter of time…

Shaggy III > Buffalo

First, I had to ponder the whole notion of awarding a prize known as a “Shaggy” to another male, for fear that it may contain some trace elements of homo-eroticism.

Then, I had to ponder the whole notion of that last sentence, for fear that it may contain some trace elements of homo-phobia.

Finally, having deemed myself to be clean on both counts, I can now get on with the task at hand, which is presenting The Third Shagadelic Contribution To Blogland Award to the mighty Buffalo over at “Buffalo’s Path”.

That I have chosen the excellent post “Bangkok” is not particularly significant; I would grant the award to the entire blog only the rules don’t allow it; I know I came up with them, but that’s beside the point…

Buffalo’s natural ability to put a story on paper (screen?) grabs you by the scruff of the neck and drops you right into the thick of the action. With the minimum of adjectives and descriptive terms you are treated to all the sights, sounds and smells of a given situation. It won’t take you long to work out after scouring his blog that in conjunction with his considerable talent he has a seemingly endless well of experiences from which to draw jaw-dropping material.

While you may not necessarily agree with his viewpoint, you are left in no doubt what it is, and you certainly do not regret allowing him to share it with you. He also has the honorable quality of being unafraid to broach any topic you care to float in his particular direction.

While I very much doubt there are many who come to my blog that have not also been to his, I strongly recommend it to those who haven’t. Take a bow, Buffalo, and keep up the excellent work.

Previous Winners :

I > Shandi – “
Who says you can’t have the fairytale?

II > Dol – “
Corporate Whore!


shandi said...

You chose the right recipient. I love Buffalo's war stories. Can't get enough.
You're right about how he has the courage to broach any subject. I guess when you live the life he has... what else is there to be afraid of.
Again...Good choice!!!

Buffalo said...

Damn, Jeff.

Mike Todd said...

JL -- so you're gay?

Sorry, couldn't resist -- I'm too immature for the internet. I should come back in a few years when I can handle it. Thanks JL, Buffalo, and Shandi for all the good readin'.

fairygirl701 said...

I'll pay him a visit!

fairygirl701 said...

mike todd-you look JUST like a guy I know, you have a twin!

James Howard Shott said...

Good call Mr. Pagano. Buffalo is a true artist. His stories have both the grit and reality that we all wish we could capture and the elegance to communicate his message.

I have been a fan of his for a long time.

Mike Todd said...

Well said, all.

And fairygirl -- you must give give my condolences to the guy you know.