Friday, June 17, 2005

the new oasis album : the truth, believe it or not

Churn out some good rock n roll tunes, record an album, go on tour, see the sights, drink some beer, smoke some weed, have some laughs, make some cash, work on churning out more good rock n roll tunes. Isn’t that the dream?

That’s what Oasis do, and more power to them for it. Here in Europe they have achieved “love em or hate em” status, mostly because of extremely poor PR advice when they had their first few albums back in the 90s, when they tried to “conquer America” way, way, too fast.

When it comes to music, I don’t care about hype. I don’t care what hotel rooms they trashed. I don’t care who they are sleeping with, who they broke up with or who’s having babies for them. I certainly don't care if they're British or Irish or American or Whatever. I care about how I react when their tunes blare out from my CD player.

Don’t Believe The Truth” seems to have most of the hallmarks of previous Oasis albums after five listens. There’s the catchy summer anthem (Lyla), there’s the slow hypnotic ballad (Let There Be Love), there’s the slightly abstract yet funny ditty (Mucky Fingers).

What’s missing, I feel, is the absolute wonder track sung by Noel Gallagher as opposed to his brother Liam, which leaves a lasting mark on your psyche the way “Sunday Morning Call” and “Little By Little” did on their last two albums since their millenium “renaissance”. I think he may be going for it with “The Importance Of Being Idle” but I’m sorry, Noel, you’re nowhere near the other two, they are all time classics in my book. I also think the main riff for “Part Of The Queue” is a little too close to the timeless Stranglers classic “Golden Brown” for my liking.

Nevertheless, I like the album, and I’d probably give it 7 out of 10, and I’d still buy their next one without hearing too many samples.

Well done, lads. Have a beer or two on me from my €12.99.

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sex scenes at starbucks said...

try as I might, I can't love Oasis. I like some of their songs, but when it comes to listening to an entire album, I start to get restless.