Monday, June 13, 2005

money's got me

Money’s got me…callin on my cellphone
…offerin a big loan
…repossessin your home

Money’s got me…maximizing profit
…pourin out the bullshit
…so I can get more of it

If you give me a whole lotta money, I wanna invest it
If it don’t make a profit I ain’t interested
When you know how it comes so easily
Cos money’s got me

If you ask me how I’m feeling I’ll tell you “Fine!”
Cos I just bought it for a mil and sold it for nine
I’ll buy you lunch but it sure as hell won’t be free
Cos money’s got me

Money’s got me…runnin in the rat race
…feedin up my fat face
…stinkin up the whole place

Money’s got me…always on the attack
…climbin over your back
…lookin alright Jack

So take your Third World countries, don’t let em burn!
Cos you can sell em all off as a going concern!
I’d let the whole world starve cos it’s plain to see
That money’s got me

I pay half of my men to kiss my butt
I pay the other half just to cover it up
I got no time for morality
Cos money’s got me

I go loopy…For the rupee
I go insane…For the yen
Well the stock exchange…It gets me deranged
I find speculating…So stimulating

Money’s got me…callin on my cellphone
…offerin a big loan
…lookin after my own

Money’s got me…
…and it’s got you too

© JL Pagano 1991

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